Lionheart (1990) Cast: Then and Now [33 Years After] by HollywoodNuts

Lionheart (1990) Cast: Then and Now [33 Years After] by HollywoodNuts

Sheldon Lettich’s 1990 martial arts movie Lionheart, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Deborah Rennard, Harrison Page, Lisa Pelikan, and Brian Thompson, is an American production. Ashley Johnson makes her acting debut in it as well.[2] In order to raise money for the family of his slain brother, Van Damme portrays a French Foreign Legionnaire stationed in Africa who must emigrate to the United States and join the underground fighting scene.

The movie had its French premiere on August 1, 1990, and it debuted in the United States on January 11, 1991.[3] Despite the mixed reviews, it was Van Damme’s first major theatrical role in North America.[4] Two early titles that the producers were considering were A.W.O.L: Absent Without Leave in the United Kingdom and Wrong Bet in Australia and New Zealand.

When Lyon arrives at the hospital, his brother has already passed away. Despite the fact that his killers were found, Hélène was left impoverished, with a mountain of unpaid medical bills and Nicole, her little daughter, to care for. Joshua and Lyon locate Hélène’s address, but when Lyon attempts to contact her, she rudely rejects his offers of desperately needed financial assistance, chastises him for abandoning his brother, and unfairly holds him responsible for her late husband’s involvement in the drug trade.

Without Hélène and Nicole’s knowledge, Lyon resolves to aid them. He joins the neighborhood street fighting scene through Cynthia, and Joshua sends Hélène checks for the proceeds, saying that her husband had life insurance before he passed away. Lyon wins over a variety of notable opponents, including a dirty-fighting Scotsman, a wrestler on a squash court, and a martial artist in a shallow swimming pool. Given that Lyon is not preserving his winnings and rejects her overtures, Cynthia becomes envious of Hélène and sends her aide Russell to find Lyon. The two Legionnaires instructed to track down Lyon do the same thing by keeping an eye on Hélène’s flat and eventually attempting to catch Lyon, who is saved by Russell but sustains a fractured rib. After learning the truth about the fictitious insurance policy, Hélène, who witnessed the assault, finally recognizes Lyon as Nicole’s uncle.

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