15 Famous Characters That Several Actors Have Played Over the Years

15 Famous Characters That Several Actors Have Played Over the Years

The following is the rundown of the 15 characters played by numerous entertainers. The possibilities making a notable person, whether in front of an audience, in film, or in the pages of a smash hit book, are very uncommon. Be that as it may, there are entertainers who were “destined to play” their notable jobs. They fit their doled out characters so entirely that we can depict these cases as supernatural occurrences. Incredible jobs like Rough Balboa, Indiana Jones, and The Eliminator have left us with significant sentiments while watching them, making them indispensable to the mass crowd. These characters are remarkably difficult to reproduce, yet, numerous capable entertainers had the option to pull it off.

As many years pass and new ages emerge, more movies about these amazing characters are created. Subsequently, an entertainer can’t assume control over that equivalent job for eternity. That is simply impractical. Prequels, continuations, and by and large reboots have all been finished. For instance, every age has its Joker – Cesar Romero in Batman television Series (1966-1968), Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989), and Heath Record In obscurity Knight (2008). This rundown underneath centers around the development of multi-entertainer characters from our #1 movies and network shows.

#1 Tarzan


Tarzan, characters played by multiple actors

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At the point when you consider Tarzan, you could imagine a film or an animation character, contingent upon your age. To start, the youth who was supported in the hedge was first uncovered to the general population in a magazine in 1912. From 1918 until 2016, there have been a sum of 24 men who have played Tarzan. We incorporated the absolute most brilliant in this arrangement, beginning with Christopher Lambert (1984) and finishing with Alexander Skarsgrd (2016).

#2 James Bond

Tarzan, characters played by multiple actors

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James Bond is maybe the person on our rundown that has been addressed by the most various entertainers. Sean Connery featured in the primary Bond film, Dr. No, which was delivered on October 5, 1962. There have been 27 James Bond films made in the past 59 years, with Daniel Craig having the last impact.

#3 Catwoman

Catwoman, characters played by multiple actors

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Catwoman’s persona, alongside her outfit configuration, have advanced with time. The clothing has developed from a really presenting appearance to one that is more useful and comfortable. The last Catwoman, played by Zoe Kravitz, is truly perfect.

#4 Grand High Witch

Grand High Witch, characters played by multiple actors

Not every person knows that the recently delivered film The Witches has a 1990 redo featuring Anjelica Huston as the Great High Witch. As you can see from the arrangement, the hero character’s look has changed decisively. Be that as it may, Anne Hathaway worked really hard as the new Excellent High Witch.

#5 Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot plays Marvel Lady, the contemporary female legend in the realistic world, who additionally has perhaps of the most seasoned antecedent. Lynda Carter played Miracle Lady in the four-season blockbuster TV series Marvel Lady during the 1970s. Focus on her ensemble: the fabric has been supplanted with metal, representing the female legend’s actual may.

#6 Dracula – Characters played by multiple actors


Dracula, the exemplary ghastliness beast, shows up regularly in television series and movies about vampires and beasts. Albeit numerous entertainers have played Dracula in films and on TV, just three entertainers stick out: Bela Lugosi in 1927, Christopher Lee during the 1950s and 1970s, and Gary Oldman in 1992.

#7 Sabrina Spellman

characters played by multiple actors, Sabrina Spellman

One more witch on our rundown is Sabrina Spellman, a youthful witch who was addressed on film in a television program from 1996 to 2003. Melissa Joan Hart depicted the person at that point. Kiernan Shipka’s Sabrina, a refreshed and more women’s activist adaptation, was as of late applauded by fans. Regardless of whether the witch’s appearance has changed marginally, one thing has stayed consistent: Salem, her feline.

#8 Captain America – Characters played by multiple actors

characters played by multiple actors, Captain America

Commander America, a fictitious superhuman from the Wonder True to life Universe, has been performed by three distinct entertainers in different periods. Everything started with Reb Brown in 1979, trailed by Matt Salinger in 1990, and presently Chris Evans, the ongoing Commander America legend.

#9 Alice

characters played by multiple actors, Alice

Numerous entertainers have tumbled down the deep, dark hole to play Alice, a person from Lewis Carroll’s exemplary Alice’s Experiences in Wonderland. In spite of the fact that there have been a few dramatic creations of this story, three noticeable entertainers have played Alice in movies and TV programs. Tina Majorino depicted Alice in a “customary” version in 1999, while Caterina Scorsone coordinated an Alice scaled down series in 2002. Mia Wasikowska plays the refreshed and latest Alice persona.

#10 Superman

characters played by multiple actors, Superman

Superman, who has been reproduced for the big screen many times, is presumably the most famous comic book legend on our rundown. Regardless of the way that numerous entertainers have played the worldwide friend in need, just a modest bunch stick out. In 1948, Kirk Alyn depicted the main Superman in a film. Be that as it may, Henry Cavill, who played the legend from 2013 to 2017, is in many cases viewed as the best entertainer in the job.

#11 Bruce Banner/The Hulk – Characters played by multiple actors

characters played by multiple actors, Bruce Banner/The Hulk

With regards to the Wonder True to life Universe, few can fail to remember the green-cleaned superhuman, Mass. Bruce Pennant is the modify self image of the seething beast Mass. During the 1970s TV series The Unimaginable Mass, Lou Ferrigno played the first Mass, while another entertainer played Pennant. Following that, the movie producers changed their strategy, and presently both Mass and his modify self image are played by a similar entertainer, as in the latest film, featuring Imprint Ruffalo.

#12 Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

characters played by multiple actors, Elizabeth Bennet

Starting around 1938, 17 film and TV forms of Jane Austen’s exemplary novel have been delivered. Therefore, various entertainers played Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman who tries to wed for affection however is compelled by her environmental elements to wed for comfort. Greer Garson began the person in 1940, and Lily James is the latest entertainer to perform it (2016). Fanatics of the writing, then again, still discussion on who played Elizabeth better.

#13 Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, characters played by multiple actors

Joan of Bend is apparently the most eminent French lady ever. The main film about her was delivered a while back, in 1928. Joan was played by Ingrid Bergman operating at a profit and-white film in 1948, then, at that point, Milla Jovovich and Leelee Sobieski in the 1999 redo.

#14 Batman

characters played by multiple actors, Batman

Batman, characters played by multiple actors

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Batman’s suit has decisively advanced over the long haul. The job has likewise been played by various entertainers consistently. Something like quite a while back, the main Batman film was delivered. Adam West showed up, and the prestigious “Dim Knight” has since been passed down to the ongoing legend, Robert Pattinson.

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