20 Shocking WWE Moments That Made Fans Cry! OMG

20 Shocking WWE Moments That Made Fans Cry! OMG

The world of professional wrestling has provided fans with numerous unforgettable moments, but alongside the triumphs, there have been instances that fell short of expectations. Let’s delve into the complete details of some of the worst WWE fails that left fans disappointed and puzzled:

1. Shocking Returns That Fell Flat:

There have been occasions when WWE generated immense anticipation for a superstar’s return, only to witness it fall flat. Disappointing comebacks by legendary figures like Goldberg and Batista serve as prime examples. Despite the excitement surrounding their return, the matches they participated in failed to deliver the anticipated thrill, leaving fans wanting more.

2. Disastrous Storylines:

WWE has been known to produce cringe-worthy storylines that left fans scratching their heads in confusion. The infamous Katie Vick storyline, involving a casket and Triple H, and the ill-conceived “Gobbledy Gooker” gimmick are among the creative decisions that missed the mark. These misguided storylines failed to impress fans and disengaged them from the overall narrative.

3. Uninspiring Championship Reigns:

Championship reigns are meant to be the crowning achievements in a wrestler’s career, but some have fallen short of expectations. Lackluster title runs by Superstars like The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal failed to capture the imagination of fans. The matches and storytelling during their reigns failed to generate the excitement and enthusiasm that fans typically associate with championship reigns, leaving a sense of unfulfillment.

4. Botched Matches and Injuries:

In the fast-paced world of professional wrestling, accidents can occur, resulting in botched matches and, in some unfortunate instances, severe injuries. One of the most notable incidents is the tragic death of Owen Hart. A stunt gone wrong during a pay-per-view event led to a devastating accident that shook the wrestling community and left fans in shock and mourning.

5. Poorly Executed Debuts:

First impressions are crucial in the wrestling industry, but WWE has witnessed its fair share of underwhelming debuts. Whether due to ill-conceived gimmicks or lackluster performances, some Superstars failed to make the desired impact upon their arrival. As a result, the initial excitement surrounding their debut was dampened, leaving fans feeling unimpressed and questioning the creative direction.

6. Cringe-Worthy Promos:

Cutting a compelling promo is an art form in professional wrestling, but not all Superstars excel in this aspect. Some wrestlers have delivered cringe-worthy promos filled with awkward dialogue or a lack of charisma. Instead of engaging the audience, these promos left fans cringing and disconnected from the intended message.


While WWE has produced countless memorable moments throughout its history, it’s important to acknowledge these instances of failure. They serve as reminders that not every idea will be a success and provide valuable learning experiences for the future. WWE continually evolves and strives to create unforgettable moments that resonate with fans worldwide.

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