Alexa Bliss responds after a fan threatens to slap her upon WWE return

Alexa Bliss responds after a fan threatens to slap her upon WWE return

Alexa Bliss is a former RAW Women’s Champion

Alexa Bliss just responded to a fan who threatened to slap her after she made her WWE return.

Alexa Bliss’ rise on the main roster has been astronomical. Within a short span of making it to the main roster, Bliss won the women’s championship, establishing her as one of the top women in the company.

Over the next few years, Bliss would portray multiple characters on screen and was also the sidekick to Bray Wyatt. She was also reportedly set to be part of Bray Waytt’s storyline upon his return. However, she has been off television since last year’s Royal Rumble when she unsuccessfully challenged for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Bliss has since gone on to deliver a beautiful baby and has been off television for over a year now. However, she recently expressed an interest to return to the ring, and with the Royal Rumble around the corner, anything could happen.

However, it looks like not all fans would be happy to see Bliss back as one fan threatened to jump the barricade and slap her after she made her return. Bliss has since responded to the fan on social media.

“(Thumbs up emoji) Glad to see you back on Twitter,” wrote Alexa Bliss.

Check out her tweet here:

Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt were supposed to feud with Hit Row after WrestleMania, according to Top Dolla

Last year, Bray Wyatt was supposed to have a storyline with feud with Bobby Lashley leading into WrestleMania, which was scrapped due to Wyatt’s health issues. However, it now looks like they also had another storyline planned for post-WrestleMania.

Hit Row member Top Dolla revealed on the Muscle Man Malcolm podcast that Wyatt was set to feud with Hit Row following WrestleMania.

“But now, I got Rambling Rabbit, and he’s a rabbit, and you know how lucky is rabbit’s foot. We got good luck. At this point, we hadn’t won in a while. So now, we winning matches, and things are going in our way. So then now, human Bray [Wyatt] come to us [Asking to return Rambling Rabbit and Top Dolla denies]… Now, he’s like okay I didn’t have to take it there. Now, the same way he was stalking LA Knight, he was going to do it with all of us [Hit Row],” Top Dolla revealed. [From 31:10 to 33:32]
He continued:

“Until it was finally me and Rambling Rabbit. Now, we finally have to have a match but then Tehuti comes and intervenes. That’s how you get Uncle Howdy in and then two of us and B-Fab intervenes, and we even wrote it in there to bring Alexa [Bliss] in… It’s a long storyline that ends with them obviously getting Rambling Rabbit back… They loved it, and he was talking about it and he wanted to do it after WrestleMania [39] cause at Mania, he was supposed to do a thing with Bobby Lashley.” [From 32:37 to 33:10]

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