Aleхandra Daddarιo openѕ υp aвoυт нer laтeѕт aerιe caмpaιgn, ғaѕнιon pнιloѕopнy, and paѕѕιon ғor eхcepтιonal в.raѕ

Aleхandra Daddarιo openѕ υp aвoυт нer laтeѕт aerιe caмpaιgn, ғaѕнιon pнιloѕopнy, and paѕѕιon ғor eхcepтιonal в.raѕ

Alexandra Daddario Embraces Comfort and Confidence in Aerie’s We Are Real Campaign

Emmy-nominated actress Alexandra Daddario is teaming up with Aerie for their empowering We Are Real campaign, joining a diverse group of industry tastemakers including Selma Blair, Kelsea Ballerini, and Danielle Brooks. The campaign celebrates Aerie’s SMOOTHEZ collection, known for its comfortable and vibrant designs.

Daddario, 36, shares that her partnership with Aerie perfectly aligns with her pursuit of authentic confidence and love for comfortable clothing. She emphasizes the importance of accepting oneself and avoiding the pressure to conform to society’s standards of beauty. Aerie’s commitment to showcasing models without Photoshop and promoting self-acceptance resonates with Daddario’s beliefs.

The White Lotus star praises the SMOOTHEZ collection for its unique approach to “anti-shapewear” shapewear. Rather than altering one’s appearance, SMOOTHEZ acts as a second layer of skin, allowing individuals to feel stylish and comfortable in their own bodies. Daddario appreciates the collection’s fun colors and layering options, emphasizing the importance of being easy on oneself and embracing personal feelings in all aspects of life, including exercise and diet.

Comfort plays a key role in Daddario’s confidence, and she reveals that she feels most like herself when wearing comfortable clothes, often opting for sweats. She emphasizes that feeling comfortable is essential to looking and feeling confident, challenging the notion that discomfort is necessary for looking good.

For Daddario, a “really great bra that isn’t too tight” is an essential wardrobe staple. With a larger bust, she prioritizes finding a bra that offers support without discomfort. The SMOOTHEZ bras are her top choice, providing a secure and comfortable fit that allows her to feel at ease throughout the day, even during long flights.

Among the SMOOTHEZ collection, Daddario particularly adores the crop top bralette, a cute and versatile piece that comes in various colors and patterns. She loves layering it with a wireless bralette for extra comfort and considers the collection a fun and exciting addition to her wardrobe.

Through her collaboration with Aerie, Daddario aims to inspire individuals to embrace their true selves and find comfort in their own skin, while also promoting body positivity and self-acceptance.

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