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Alexandra Daddario Opens Up About the ‘Pressure’ from Book Fans During Percy Jackson and the Comparison to Her New Series

Alexandra Daddario Reflects on the ‘Pressure’ from Book Fans During Percy Jackson and Compares It to Her New Series

Before gaining recognition for her more mature roles in projects like Baywatch and The White Lotus, Alexandra Daddario embarked on her first major leading role in the movie adaptations of the Percy Jackson series. At the age of 22, she became the face of a beloved book franchise, experiencing global fame among young audiences. Now, as Daddario returns to book adaptations with her new series Mayfair Witches, she opens up about her past experience playing book characters and how her current role compares to the one that launched her career.

In Mayfair Witches, airing on AMC, Daddario takes on the leading role in Anne Rice’s trilogy of novels, following the success of the network’s adaptation of Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. Speaking about her latest project with The New York Times, Daddario draws parallels between her early role and her current endeavor:

“There was a similar pressure when I was doing ‘Percy Jackson.’ Of course, you’ll always have people who think something is supposed to be this or that way, so you just have to go in with good intentions and try to bring life to the character.”

Daddario acknowledges the scrutiny that often comes with book-to-screen adaptations, understanding the “pressure” associated with meeting the expectations of dedicated book readers. However, she remains confident in her choices as an actress, focusing on bringing characters to life rather than getting caught up in the noise. Reflecting on her role in the Percy Jackson movies, she adds:

“Kids are such a great fan base. They don’t judge the movie harshly because they don’t know any better than to just love the characters.”

While the Percy Jackson franchise fell short of becoming the next Harry Potter due to various differences between the films and the source material, the lack of mᴀssive success was not attributed to Alexandra Daddario’s performance. Her acting career has continued to flourish following her involvement in those movies. As she ventures into her leading role in Mayfair Witches, a new Percy Jackson series is in the works on Disney+, featuring a fresh cast of young actors portraying demigods.

With five out of eight episodes already aired in the first season of Mayfair Witches on AMC, viewers can follow Daddario’s latest journey in book-to-screen adaptations on AMC+. The next episode is scheduled to air on Thursday, February 9.

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