“Angelιna Jolιe ғιrмly pυrѕυeѕ cυѕтody oғ тнeιr cнιldren, ѕeeĸιng тo ѕeparaтe ғroм вrad pιтт”

“Angelιna Jolιe ғιrмly pυrѕυeѕ cυѕтody oғ тнeιr cнιldren, ѕeeĸιng тo ѕeparaтe ғroм вrad pιтт”

Angelina Jolie Determined to Leave Brad Pitt without Custody of Their Children

According to a source familiar with the issues between the former couple, Angelina Jolie has expressed a strong desire to separate from Brad Pitt and deny him custody of their children. The source, who spoke to the New York Post, revealed Angelina’s determination in this matter.

The anonymous source stated, “Angelina is determined that Brad should never get 50/50 custody.” It is even suggested that Angelina will not rest until their children reach adulthood, ensuring that Brad never obtains shared custody.

The Conflict Escalates

Anoтнer ιnѕιder ѕнed lιgнт on тнe ongoιng вaттle вeтween angelιna jolιe and вrad pιтт. тeѕтιмonιeѕ ғroм вrad pιтт’ѕ ιnner cιrcle reveal тнaт angelιna pυrpoѕely ѕold a porтιon oғ тнe vιneyard properтy тнaт тнey once ѕнared тo an υndeѕιraвle вυyer, ғυelιng тнe conғlιcт ғυrтнer.

The source told The Post, “Angelina makes a constant stream of attacks on Brad. She deliberately sold her disputed share of their vineyard to a buyer she knew he didn’t want.”

Legal Disputes and Confrontations

Legal records indicate that Brad Pitt accuses Angelina Jolie of intending to harm him after she sold the Chateau Miraval wine brand to a Russian businessman. Brad argues that Angelina violated their agreement, as they had decided not to sell shared assets without each other’s consent.

In response to Angelina’s recent actions, Brad Pitt is seeking a trial by jury to present his case. A Hollywood friend of the former couple revealed, “Unfortunately, Angelina sold her part, which was contrary to their agreement, to somebody they had both turned down before.”

The Custody Battle

Page Six reported that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are currently engaged in a custody battle over their younger children. The former couple, who have six children together, are both determined to secure custody rights.

Source: marca.com

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