Angelina Jolie’s beauty once resembled a fairy’s, but now puberty has unveiled her ch.est bone by HollywoodNuts

Angelina Jolie’s beauty once resembled a fairy’s, but now puberty has unveiled her chest bone by HollywoodNuts

The recent series of photographs featuring Elle Fanning, known for her portrayal of Princess Aurora in the film Maleficent, have caused quite a stir among the audience. The actress, currently filming for her new movie The Girl from Plainville, was captured in behind-the-scenes photos that were shared online by reporters. It is undeniable that Elle Fanning’s appearance has undergone a noticeable change, deviating from her previous ethereal and fairy-like beauty.

In the photographs, Elle Fanning appears less vibrant, with a reddish tan that diminishes her radiance. Furthermore, she seems thinner and more gaunt than before, giving her a slightly skeletal appearance. The most striking aspect is the prominent visibility of her chest bone, clearly exposed by the two-string dress she is wearing.

Elle Fanning’s choice of attire, revealing a deeply concave chest, has sparked a sensation among onlookers. Her body proportions appear unbalanced, with a flat bust contrasting with her relatively large and rough-looking legs. Additionally, her hairstyle, featuring tied-back bangs, accentuates a high and wide forehead, highlighting a facial flaw. Overall, the young actress seems lifeless, lacking her previous vibrancy. At the age of 23, Elle Fanning is revealing several weaknesses in both her facial features and physique.

Although some fans have come to Elle Fanning’s defense, suggesting that this transformation is part of her role in the movie, it is undeniable that the actress’s overall appearance has undergone a decline. Many people expressed disappointment upon witnessing this new image of Elle Fanning.

After the release of these photographs, some speculated that the actress had altered her appearance to suit the requirements of her role. However, it cannot be denied that, at the age of 23, Elle Fanning looks considerably older than before, with her skin displaying signs of deterioration. Moreover, her bold choice of clothing style further contributes to an aging effect.

Elle Fanning, once regarded as a “Hollywood princess,” previously charmed audiences with her beautiful and enchanting presence on red carpets and public events. During her portrayal of Princess Aurora in Maleficent, she became known as one of the most stunning iterations of the fairy tale princess and as Angelina Jolie’s on-screen daughter. Her shining smile, innocent face, porcelain white skin, and captivating eyes earned her the nickname “Hollywood princess” among her admirers.

Elle Fanning and her “mother” Angelina were previously seen together, shining on the red carpet during the film premiere of Maleficent. On her personal social media pages, Elle Fanning often showcased photographs displaying her dazzling and remarkable beauty. However, after a brief absence from public view, the princess has now presented a changed appearance, leading many to hope that she will soon regain her former allure.

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