Benched Russell Wilson Shares Uplifting Message From Denzel Washington to Keep the Spirits High

Benched Russell Wilson Shares Uplifting Message From Denzel Washington to Keep the Spirits High

The crude dynamics that often hit the NFL players were highlighted more than ever as the Broncos left Russell Wilson with a sticky wicket. He was benched with just two games remaining and Jarred Stidham took centre stage instead. However, as widespread criticism hit the Broncos, Wilson only exhibited hope for a brighter future in the NFL.

Once again, hinging on hope, the Broncos quarterback took to Instagram with an emotional post. He put to use a Denzel Washington quote on his story, pouring his heart out.

“Men gives the award, God gives the reward,” said Denzel Washington in his acceptance speech for an award in the past.

This quote resonates with Wilson’s situation, who is navigating the swirling speculations, his contractual obligations, and the team dynamics. His challenges on the field and at the Broncos front office point to the fact that men can only decide roles, but the ultimate success is beyond human control and prediction.

What Does The Future Hold for Broncos and Russell Wilson?

The Broncos much like Wilson find themselves in a precarious situation, sitting second in the AFC West with an 8-8 record. Their last taste of the playoffs dates back to 2015 when they clinched the Super Bowl. This victory was a fitting farewell to Peyton Manning’s illustrious 18-year NFL career. Fast forward to 2022, and despite newfound hope in Wilson, the team has struggled to replicate that magic.

Despite the failures, the decision to bench the Broncos quarterback in the final two games of the season was a tough pill to swallow. But truth be told, Jarrett Stidham’s promotion provided a silver lining for them. Breaking their two-game losing streak, the Broncos secured a victory in a 16-9 home game against the Los Angeles Chargers. This is also a milestone given their recent home defeat against the grappling AFC East opponents- the New England Patriots.

Additionally, Jarrett Stidham impressed the audiences deeply, completing 20 out of 32 passes for 24 yards, one touchdown, and 93.8 QBR. In spite of being sacked twice, he refused to turn the ball over and secured a season-high yardage for the Broncos. Therefore, hopes around the Denver Broncos are higher than ever again as they face the Las Vegas Raiders next week.

Amidst the resurgence in Denver, there is incoming hope for Wilson too. Reports suggest that the Pittsburgh Steelers have emerged as a potential landing spot for him. Wilson might be able to sign a lucrative three-year, $90 million deal if he becomes available. However, the only current aim is to keep him safe for the impending physical examination in March 2024.

As Stidham’s rejuvenation brings hope to Denver, the unfolding chapters in Russell Wilson’s story might see better days with a more welcoming team.

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