Billionaire Cristiano Ronaldo’s millions dollars home collection by HollywoodNuts

Billionaire Cristiano Ronaldo’s Millions dollars home collection by HollywoodNuts

Legendary striker Cristiano Ronaldo consistently demonstrates his “playability” by boasting about his collection of supercars, girlfriends, and million-dollar homes. The striker’s £4 million residence is located in the lovely city of Manchester.

Ronaldo is willing to invest £ 4 million to purchase a property in Anerley Edge, Cheshire, Manchester City because he used to play for Manchester United. Beautiful Manchester mansion

Ronaldo’s $4 million residence is notable for its aesthetically pleasing blend of traditional and modern design.

The primary shade of brown utilized on the façade of the villa is one that was popular in 18th- and 19th-century British mansions. Unbolt. The black roof system is distinctive and eye-catching.

In Ronaldo’s $4 million mansion, classic and modern architecture are combined. The yard at Cristiano Ronaldo’s home is spacious and open. The presence of trees nearby helps residents unwind and feel comfortable.

Natural area close to Ronaldo’s Manchester home A contemporary villa with five bedrooms, a full pool, a sauna, and a theater.

However, Ronaldo sold everything in his Manchester home, including his car and furniture, after he left MU. Manchester pool villa is opulent and contemporary. Madrid home worth £8 million owned by Ronaldo Ronaldo continued to remain after joining the Spanish royal squad Real Madrid, where he has played so far.

CR7 has made the decision to pay the price for a villa that is worth twice as much as the old home.£8 million, situated in the La Finca neighborhood, around 10 kilometers from Madrid’s city center. Reputable architect Joaquin Torres created and constructed this £8 million house.


The 8 million euro home in Madrid owned by CR7

Purchasing this opulent property for Cristiano Ronaldo “players” is not difficult with a contract worth up to 94 million euros and a lucrative salary and bonus of 15 million euros each year.


The lavish interior of the £8 million mansion in CR7 in Madrid. The property has a contemporary interior. The living area has an elegant and expansive feel thanks to the opulent white tables and chairs that are used in conjunction with several beautiful mirrors throughout.

Interior of £8 million villa is luxurious. Ronaldo’s villa is constantly guarded. Famous striker Cristiano Ronaldo’s new residence, which is about 3000m2 in size and contains 7 bedrooms (including 5 large rooms and 2 tiny ones), is fully furnished in every room.

The $50 million mansions that Cristiano Ronaldo owns

This new villa’s bathroom is up to 220 m2 and features a jacuzzi and a small pool. With three layers of security fencing, cameras, infrared, and bodyguards on duty day and night, the villa is incredibly secure.

Particularly the villa’s exterior features several ornamental lights that are turned on at night. The little trees appear glittering and lovely when the lights lighting up from below and on them appear.

The villa employs several ornamental lighting Solar energy is exclusively used in Ronaldo’s $4. 5 million property in Benevento. Ronaldo also invested 4.5 million euros in a villa in the Benevento region of his native Portugal.

Ronaldo’s 24-hour secure home
a $4,500,000 villa with contemporary furnishings Particularly, the renowned Portuguese architect Eduardo Mora created this $4. 5 million Ronaldo villa.

This luxury villa is very eco-friendly because it runs entirely on solar energy for all of its operations.

On Ronaldo’s beautiful island, Villa is a $8 million hotel powered exclusively by solar energy. When an RL player purchased a brand-new hotel on the picturesque island of Porto Santo close to his hometown of Madeira, he also made fun of everyone. to the tune of £8 million.

Solar energy is only used in Ronaldo’s 4.5 million euro property in Benavente.

The 4 million euro estate on a hill in northern Portugal with a total usable space of up to 800m2 is also home to Ronaldo’s hotel in his picturesque hometown villa on the hill with Ronaldo’s heliport CR7.

This property appears to be isolated in the mountains and includes a large helipad in addition to a living room that can be up to 92 m2 in size and a spacious garage.

Ronaldo enjoys cycling through this estate. Portuguese hillside villa Cristiano Ronaldo is demonstrating his enormous collection of homes yet again.

In addition to his pink balls, this gorgeous and gifted forward also makes a lot of people envious with his collection of supercars and, in particular, his million-dollar homes.

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