Breaking News: Goldberg’s Final Match Will be Against his Iconic Long-Time Rival by HollywoodNuts

Breaking News: Goldberg’s Final Match Will be Against his Iconic Long-Time Rival by HollywoodNuts

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Goldberg’s Final Match Set to be Against His Iconic Long-Time Rival! Breaking News

Wrestling enthusiasts are buzzing with excitement as Goldberg, the former Universal Champion, approaches his retirement from in-ring action. While Goldberg has been hinting at his departure, he has expressed a strong desire to have one last match inside the squared circle before bidding farewell to his illustrious wrestling career.

In a recent revelation by promoter Rick Bassman, it has been disclosed that Goldberg’s final match is expected to take place in Israel later this year, adding an extra layer of anticipation to this momentous event. Bassman has also hinted at the potential involvement of Sting, a current star in AEW (All Elite Wrestling), in the show.


Sting, the iconic figure in professional wrestling, would be the perfect adversary for the WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg, considering their historic rivalry dating back to their days in WCW (World Championship Wrestling). With their contrasting styles and larger-than-life personas, a showdown between these two legendary figures would captivate fans, paying homage to their past battles and creating an enthralling spectacle.

The mere possibility of this dream encounter has ignited fervor within the wrestling community. If this match comes to fruition, it would serve as a befitting farewell for Goldberg, allowing him to cement his legacy in the ring by facing off against one of his most iconic rivals.

Looking back at their history, Sting played a pivotal role in helping Goldberg become a big star during their time in WCW. The rivalry between Goldberg and Sting in the late ’90s was a clash of two powerhouse icons that mesmerized wrestling fans worldwide. Their intense chemistry and undeniable screen presence electrified the WCW audience. Memorable encounters at events like Halloween Havoc and Slamboree 1999 still resonate in the annals of wrestling history.

While both Goldberg and Sting had brief stints in WWE, they never had the opportunity to face each other in the company. Therefore, a reunion between these two icons would evoke nostalgia and provide fans with unforgettable moments.

Sting himself has acknowledged that he has only a few matches remaining, making this potential showdown a fitting sendoff for both of these wrestling luminaries. The anticipation surrounding Goldberg’s final match against his long-time rival is reaching unprecedented levels, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the monumental clash between these two legends of the ring.

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