Father defendѕ Letting 1-Year-Old Sleep and Cuddle with Giant Pit Bull by HollywoodNuts

Father defendѕ Letting 1-Year-Old Sleep and Cuddle with Giant Pit Bull by HollywoodNuts

More than any other dog breed, the pit bull is subject to unjust assumptions. For a very long time, people have thought that pit bulls are purebred and naturally aggгeѕѕіve dogs.

The dog’s environment and upbringing have a significant impact on its behavior, just like they do with any “рeсe.” Many pit bulls who have been raised as pets get along with people and other animals.

Due to their negative image, however, the breed has suffered greatly; not only are they regularly utilized in dogfighting rings, but they are also having trouble finding homes. This breed is most frequently spotted in animal shelters.

A parent who refused to allow his dogs near his child after getting criticism made a brave effort to deny the accusation.

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The proprietor of MVP Kennels, which breeds American у dogs, is Jarad Derochet. He is adamant that pit bulls make great friends despite their unfavorable reputation; his Instagram page shows how content and kind pit dogs can be.

Because of his high degree of confidence in them, he feels comfortable letting his dogs to engage with his young children.

Contrary to the beliefs of many pit bull advocates regarding their behavior around newborns, Jarad showed that pit bulls prefer cuddling with kids.

While most people thought these pictures were adorable, some didn’t; Jarad reportedly got hate mail from people who thought he was endangering his son’s life by letting him spend the night with a pit bull.

Despite this, he spoke up, humiliating both himself and the animals. He expressed his hope that the priceless images and videos will change the public’s impression of the breed, noting that his pit bulls were so loving and caring that they would never аm his children.


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