Georgina Rodriguez shares crazy video of her ‘first twerking class’ by HollywoodNuts

Georgina Rodriguez shares crazy video of her ‘first twerking class’ by HollywoodNuts

Georgina Rodriguez, the Argentine-born Spanish model and partner of renowned footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, recently shared an exciting video on her Instagram account, documenting her experience at her “first twerking class.” She had the privilege of receiving a private masterclass from Jack Gomez, an internationally acclaimed twerking instructor.

In the video, Georgina appeared dressed in pulled-up joggers and a sports b.ra, ready to immerse herself in the art of twerking.

She showcased her talent and confidence by delivering a captivating and seductive dance routine. The video gave her followers a glimpse into her newfound passion and the skills she acquired from her world-class teacher.

Currently residing in Saudi Arabia, where Cristiano Ronaldo plays for Al Nassr, Georgina continues to explore her interests and indulge in exciting experiences. However, recently, there were rumors suggesting a possible rift between the couple. In response to these speculations, Georgina shared a snapshot on Instagram, featuring herself and Cristiano Ronaldo affectionately kissing while enjoying some cocktails. Accompanying the image, she captioned the post with the words “cheers to love,” reaffirming their strong bond.

These rumors originated from Portuguese media outlets, claiming that the 38-year-old football superstar was becoming frustrated with his partner. Allegedly, the couple was observed engaging in a heated argument in public while boarding a plane. Reports suggested that the incident escalated into a “monumental shouting match,” indicating a strained state in their relationship.

Georgina promptly dismissed these claims, taking to Instagram to express her disapproval. She posted a picture of the night sky, overlaying the image with lyrics from the song “If I Die” by Romeo Santos. The lyrics conveyed a message of defiance, suggesting that the truth becomes distorted through rumors and gossip, and only foolish individuals believe in such falsehoods.

Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo’s relationship has been the subject of significant media attention, with fans eagerly anticipating their next steps as a couple. Earlier, Georgina dropped a substantial wedding hint, fueling speculation about an impending marriage between the two.

Amidst all the buzz surrounding their personal lives, Georgina continues to captivate her audience with her stunning appearance and glamorous lifestyle. Her Instagram account features a variety of alluring snapshots, including one where she confidently poses in a bi*ini, showcasing her beauty and maintaining her status as a prominent figure in the world of fashion and social media.

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