Goldberg Returning Soon to set up Match against undefeated WWE Star ??

Goldberg Returning Soon to set up Match against undefeated WWE Star ??

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg might not yet be done competing in the ring. According to Xero News, he might be making a comeback soon at Crown Jewel 2022 in Saudi Arabia.

We last saw the 55-year-old star square off against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed Universal Championship at WWE Elimination Chamber 2022. The main event saw Goldberg go to war with The Tribal Chief but ultimately succumb to Reigns’ signature guillotine hold, passing out in the middle of the ring.

Since then, Goldberg has been relatively quiet about competing, but that could change soon. Xero News has reported that the iconic WCW star will be making an appearance on RAW soon to set up a match at the premium live event in Saudi Arabia.

“Seems people claiming only now they know about Goldberg for Saudi *cough* Goldberg will be on raw shortly to setup his match. Also Lesnar will be back soon”

It’s also been reported that Goldberg was pitched to go against the undefeated Veer Mahaan and Omos in a triple threat match. Perhaps this match could develop into a storyline for each man to prove their dominant winning streak is superior to the other.

Former WWE Superstar revealed Goldberg was very upset with massive botch in a match

Goldberg’s career resurgence has been a bumpy road to say the least, with his infamous match against The Undertaker at Super Showdown 2019 being an unfortunately bad blemish.

The controversial match between the two icons became a disaster from its opening moments, which saw Goldberg suffer a concussion. The match did not get better from there and was riddled with issues from uncoordinated attacks and botched maneuvers.

EC3 was one of the talents on the plane in Saudi Arabia, where he observed the reactions of dozens of stars from the fallout of the match. The former WWE superstar revealed on Sportskeeda’s “The Wrestling Outlaws” what the atmosphere on the plane was like following the disastrous match:

“Goldberg got concussed twice,” EC3 said. “It was kinda like an epic match, but it didn’t go according to great standards per se. It got kinda messy and ‘Taker almost got hurt. Goldberg was knocked out, and I remember on the plane how this affects guys even at the very top of their game or who have been to the top of the mountain, a performance that you’re not satisfied with, and then 18 hours to think about it alone in the darkness.” [2:14-2:40]



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