How ‘Fast and Furious 7’ Star Paul Walker Was Recreated through CGI! OMG You’ll be Shocked.

How ‘Fast and Furious 7’ Star Paul Walker Was Recreated through CGI! OMG You’ll be Shocked.

Mumbai: ‘Fast and Furious 7’, late actor Paul Walker’s last ride, is enjoying a grand opening weekend in India, as it raked in 70 crores. According to Universal Pictures India, the release has created history at the Box Office, and the film has broken all time box office records in India. For those who have watched the film, it is almost hard to believe that certain scenes of the movie didn’t really have the actor but his brother.


Paul passed away in a tragic car accident in November 2013, leaving several scenes in the movie incomplete.

Instead of killing off his character in the film, the makers found it best to finish his character Brian O’Connor’s story. The makers even went on to give the star a proper send off in the last three minutes of the film. In order to finish the film, the makers made use of state of the art visual effects and a rotation of body doubles. This was made in addition to all the footage Paul shot prior to his death. It was reported that the studio hired four body doubles that shared a similar physique. The actor’s face was then mapped over the bodies of these doubles, one of which was his brother Cody.

Cody Walker took over the wheel and was seen accompanying the crew to Abu Dhabi to shoot major portions of the film. Although the two bore much resemblance to the star, Paul’s face was ‘mapped’ onto his brother’s body. Cody could be seen with several black markers on his face while shooting, which was later used to as a base for his brother’s face. According to multiple reports, Paul already had his entire body mapped, that in turn made the replication true and exact, instead of just an artist’s rendering.

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