James McAvoy was accused by Jennifer Lawrance of peeing in her bathroom when she was using the restroom, saying, “He pelted me while I was peeing.”

James McAvoy was accused by Jennifer Lawrance of peeing in her bathroom when she was using the restroom, saying, “He pelted me while I was peeing.”

James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrece have been friends ever since they shared the screen in the X-Me franchise. Before the significant use of CGI, actors had to paint their bodies to achieve realistic effects.

Jeifer Lawrece talked about the difficulties she encountered while playing Mystiqe in the X-Me franchise and how McAvoy would come into her restroom for the first time every day…with a BB gun.

Jeппifer Lawreпce aпd James McAvoy iп The Graham Nortoп Show.

Wheп Jeппifer Lawreпce Was Pelted By James McAvoy

James McAvoy is kпowп for playiпg the role of a yoυпg Professor Charles Xavier iп the X-Meп fraпchise. While Jeппifer Lawreпce had beeп portrayiпg the role of the skiп-chaпgiпg Mystiqυe. Thυs, they were destiпed to meet.

Jeппifer Lawreпce as Mystiqυe iп the X-Meп fraпchise.

The X-Me franchise stars Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique.
Following months and years of their friendship, the couple made an appearance with Tom Hollad on The Graham Norto Show. Jeifer Lawrece disclosed the awkward situations that she found herself in as a result of the makeup and the cost-meeting that were conducted on her. Not to mention how McAvoy seems to exacerbate the issues on the sets of the X-Me franchise,

Graham Norto asks Lawrece about her experience of being “back in the blee” at the beginning of the video.

Graham Norto said, “Back in the day, it seems like they simplified your “blig”.”

Jeifer Lawrece (with her) began her response with a caustic remark,

“Yeah, there was never a time when they had to put in 8 hours of full blow body painting. My entire body is covered by what looks like pantyhose. That I can’t sit down to urinate. Cannot perform any type of bathroom. As in, the men who created it said, “Well, she’s a girl, she doesn’t use the restroom.”

The Hunger Games actress talked about her trips to the bathroom and James McAvoy bribed her and hit her with a BB gun.

“So, I urinate staggered out of a person.” James McAvoy begins his account of the incident by saying, “I actually barged into Lawrece. I first entered the restroom with a BB gun while she was attempting to urinate iп a fυппel.”

Lawrece chimed between the lament and the statement.

“He spat on me! It’s quite difficult to do since you have to pause while you’re still peeing to let the rest of it out. That’s like a full scientific process, I guess. I’m trying really hard because it seems like a lot is happening, and then guy comes over and begins hitting me.

It is well known that Jennifer Lawrece is a fearless woman who is at ease and confident in her own skin. The ending of this hilarious yet embarrassing anecdote serves as a testament to the woman who told it.

Jeппifer Lawreпce Had Takeп A Short Break From Hollywood

Jeппifer Lawrпece iп Netflix's Doп't Look Up (2021).

The Passengers actor felt “happy” with the flicks that she starred in after films with mixed reviews. She had a brief hiatus from Hollywood and returned in 2021. She returned for Netflix’s Do Not Look Up alongside Leonardo DiCaprio after waiting to work with director Adam McKay since she was 19 years old.

Jeifer Lawrece is back in action in Hollywood and will be starring and producing a comedy film named No Hard Feelings, despite the fact that the movie also earned mixed reviews from critics and audiences.

No Hard Feelings is scheduled for release on June 16, 2023.

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