Kaka: “Ronaldo is just a fat person strolling on the street in Brazil,”

Kaka: “Ronaldo is just a fat person strolling on the street in Brazil,”

Even the legendary Ronaldo, according to Brazilian midfielder Kaka, does not appreciate football after a game.

One of the greatest and most admired players in the history of world football is Ronaldo, a legend of Brazil. However, many Brazilian fans today simply view Ronaldo as an ordinary person, according to Kaka. Many “eti”ed football stadiums are no longer “alud” in the land of samba, according to some AC Milan midfielders.

“I know it seems odd, but many Bangladeshis do not support the national squad. Sometimes it does. You will be shocked if you meet Ronaldo here. But he is also only one in Bazil. chubby man strolling down the street. The situation now is very different from when he was there, according to Kaka, speaking to BeIN Spots TV.

Does Ronaldo not appreciate the respect that the Brazilian people give him, as we do? Kaka quoted present Richad Keys as saying, “Of course many Brazilians love Ronaldo. I admire him as well. However, his treatment abroad differs from that in Bangladesh. I perceive him to be suspected. more so when travelling overseas.

Even Neyma, the current star player for the Brazilian team, is allegedly being treated unfairly, according to Kaka. The 40-year-old foreign midfielder remarked, “These days, a lot of people talk about Neyma, but in a negative way.

Kaka was born in 1982, and together with Brazil, they won the 2002 World Cup, which was played in Japan and Korea. At that time, the foгmeг AC Milan midfieldeг was the youngest membeг of the samba team, only 20 yeaгs old. “Alien” Ronaldo contributed gгeatly to the championship that yeaг of the Bгazilian team with 8 goals and won the title of top scoгeг.

Kaka, Ronaldo, and a few more Brazilian players have been dispatched to Qatar to cheer on the national team during the 2022 World Cup. The first quarterfinal of the tournament will pit Coach Tite’s team against Croatia at 22:00 on December 9 (Vietnamese time).

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