Kevin Hart Says Will Smith Is in a Better Place After Oscars Slap (Exclusive) by HollywoodNuts

Kevin Hart Says Will Smith Is in a Better Place After Oscars Slap (Exclusive) by HollywoodNuts

Hart was reserved but positive when discussing his most recent project with co-star and regular roaster Dwayne Johnson with ET on the red carpet for the screening of the upcoming flick DC’s League of Superpets.

Kevin Hart was asked if he had spoken to Will Smith after the slap, using his most recent “Reality Check” comedy tour as a transition. The comedian acknowledged that he had and expressed the following sentiments:

Will expresses regret. He’s in a better position than he was hoping for. People are only human, and as only human, we occasionally make mistakes. It’s important to acknowledge the present and make every effort to move forward rather than dwelling on the past. I can only hope that the two of them manage to overcome it and find some comfort in that. I just enjoy positive energy. I enjoy witnessing people at their best. I still adore Chris and he. One thing should not be used to judge someone. In the end, people develop and life carries on. Give him the chance to do that.

The actor is obviously seeking harmony and love in the circumstance, which is consistent with opinions Kevin Hart has previously expressed towards cancel culture.

It’s especially true given that Chris Rock and Will Smith still manage to get along with each other after their notorious fight at the 94th Academy Awards.

Given that he claims to “love” both of them, some people may be curious as to what exactly Hart could have said during a stand-up performance that would make fun of the situation. In reality, Hart’s objectivity was mostly upheld throughout his performance.


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