Kim Kardashian’s next trick? A b..*r.a to make you look turned on by absolutely everything Zoe Williams

The latest addition to Kim Kardashian’s lingerie line is set to hit the shelves on Halloween, showcasing a “daring” raised detail that adds a provocative touch. While the release coincides with the spooky holiday, the intention doesn’t seem to be to evoke fear. The marketing strategy revolves around the promise that, regardless of the temperature, wearers will perpetually exude a cool demeanor. However, the desired effect might not be a chilly appearance; the term “perky” is also being suggested. Kim Kardashian seems to be offering a chance to maintain an all.uring aura in any situation, suggesting that even mundane moments can be transformed into charged experiences with the Skims perky b..r.a.

The discourse surrounding Kim Kardashian has often involved discussions about body expectations and societal norms. During the “butt years,” I refrained from engaging in Kardashian-related discussions, feeling that people projected beliefs and agendas onto her that she may not have willingly embraced. Her appearance on the cover of Romanian Playboy in 2010, with the headline “Poezia Unui Fund Bombat” (the poetry of a bulging), garnered praise for challenging preconceived notions about what a bottom should look like. Yet, the ensuing backlash, including Time magazine’s claim that “Kim Kardashian’s body is nothing but an empty promise,” made me ponder the unrealistic sociocultural expectations placed on a celebrity’s body.

In navigating Kardashian’s trajectory, encompassing her celebrated posterior, burgeoning shapewear empire, and the introduction of the provocative b..r.a, a pattern emerges. It seems that Kardashian’s true purpose is to design clothing that enhances one’s all.ure, making individuals appear more captivating than they might naturally be. This approach mirrors a form of situationism reimagined: beneath the surface lies the beach, and atop the ni**le, the perkier ni**le. Zoe Williams, a Guardian columnist, shares these reflections on Kim Kardashian’s multifaceted impact on fashion and societal perceptions.

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