Latest Reports on Randy Orton’s Injury & Possible Return Date!

Latest Reports on Randy Orton’s Injury & Possible Return Date!

Randy Orton is one of WWE’s most loyal wrestlers, and a recent report by Wrestling Observer Newsletter stated that Randy Orton’s injury is quite serious. Randy Orton’s last match in the WWE took place on the 20th of May 2022.

He was part of the RKBro team. Matt Riddle was his partner that night. They fought to unify the Smackdown Tag Team Titles and RAW Tag Team Titles. The team fought the USOs that night.

Reports: Randy Orton’s Injury is Serious And He May Not Return Soon

The Uso managed to win the match and now carry all the Tag Team Titles that are in the WWE.

The Usos are currently part of a faction led by the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, who is currently the top star in the WWE right now. RKBro were attacked by The Usos and Roman Reigns after the match ended.

That was the last time we saw Randy Orton perform in a WWE ring. He appeared on John Cena’s 20th Anniversary with WWE on the 27th of June 2022. He didn’t appear physically. Instead, he simply sent a video in which he congratulated John Cena for being part of the WWE for more than 20 years.

It appears that the injury that Orton has suffered is not part of any storyline. According to the reports by Wrestling Observer Newsletter he is suffering from a back injury and it is quite serious. That is the reason why nobody can tell when Randy Orton will return and when he will be able to perform well for the WWE again.

According to WONs report, WWE is actually pretty concerned about Orton’s back injury and its severity. Orton may has suffered this injury as a result of performing his finishing move over and over again. Orton’s finishing move is called RKO.

Orton grabs his opponents neck and puts them down to the mat face down. However, Orton has to land on his back to land the move properly. Orton has performed this move multiple times over the course of his career. Orton’s career started nearly 20 years ago, so landing on his back multiple times may have destroyed his back.

Orton celebrates his 20-year WWE anniversary on the 25th of April. Orton teamed up with Riddle, Ezekiel and Cody Rhodes to fight Kevin Owens, The Usos and Seth Rollins. Randy Orton has won 14 World Titles during his WWE Career.

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