Mоm br.е.a.s*tfе.еds 5-уеar-оId daughtеr bесausе shе thinкs hеr miIк is mеdiсinе

A mom who still br.е.a.s*tfе.еds her 5-year-old daughter before and after school every day claims her milk is so good it has stopped her children from getting sick.

Emma Shardlow Hudson, 29, br.е.a.s*tfе.еds daughter Alex and son Ollie, 2, in between other meals and sometimes in tandem.

When Alex started nursery school, Emma claims her daughter didn’t pick up any of the same coughs and sniffles as the other children and Emma put it down to her br.e.as.tm.ilk

Alex usually br.е.a.s*tfе.еds once in the morning and once in the evening and while the little girl can go days without milk she will always want some when she needs comforting.

Britain’s National Health Service recommends that all babies be exclusively br.e.as*tf.ed until at least six months old.

Emma said: “It’s one of the biggest achievements of my life for sure, being able to nurture a child with my own body.

“It’s a completely selfless thing to do, but it’s probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life too.

“Before Alex was born, I wasn’t sure if it was a normal thing to br.е.a.s*tfе.еd for so long.

My kids are rarely ill and I’m almost 100 percent positive that that is because of the antibodies in the milk.

“But it wasn’t even a conscious decision to keep fe.e.d.ing for so long – I just thought why stop when it’s good for them? My attitude has changed over time.

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