Macaulay Culkin recalls ‘weird’ call from Michael Jackson asking him to come over to his house at 10 years old by HollywoodNuts

Macaulay Culkin recalls a ‘weird’ call from Michael Jackson asking him to come over to his house at 10 years old by HollywoodNuts

Famously, Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin were close friends.

The musician actually called him after viewing Home Alone, the former child star stated in a previous interview.

Given the distance between them and the fact that they were both among the most well-known people on earth at the time, much has been written about their romance.

Culkin was frequently questioned about Jackson and his visits to Neverland throughout every interview he gave.

However, how did they get along so well?

Culkin claimed that Jackson, whom he had previously met while appearing in a theater show, had just contacted him.

In a subsequent interview with Larry King, Culkin said, “I first met him, he kind of called me randomly, like, out of the blue, just kind of like, ‘Hi, it’s Michael,’ and I’m like, ‘Hey’.”

After Home Alone, this happened. He came backstage one day while I was performing as Fritz in The Nutcracker at Lincoln Center, and we spoke for a very brief period of time.

He “kind of recognized me” because I had just finished doing Uncle Buck.

In a different interview, Culkin talked about the unexpected phone call he received from Jacko, who asked him if he wanted to see him.

The actor added, “maybe, he came out to me because, you know, a lot of things were happening like, huge and quick with me, and I think yes, I think maybe he associated with that.

“And then, kind of out of the blue, he phones me; it’s just this strange, bizarre thing. ‘Why don’t you come over to my house,’ he was asking.

Culkin provided more detail on his initial encounter with MJ during an interview on Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF with Marc Maron.

The 42-year-old stated, “He came backstage before the show.” He was a dance man who adored dancing. Because they were close back then, he went backstage with Donald Trump.

I recall that he gave me a “I know you from somewhere” look and saying, “Oh, Uncle Buck, yeah, you’re funny.”

Additionally, there have long been rumors that Jackson may have behaved inappropriately with Culkin. Jackson was later accused of abusing other youngsters who had been with him in Neverland.

He insisted categorically that “nothing happened.”

“Look, I’m gonna begin with the line-it’s not a line, it’s the truth: He never did anything to me,” he claimed in a recent interview with Esquire.

I never saw him perform any actions. I would have no motive to keep anything from you, especially at this moment in history. The person has passed away.

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