Mandy Rose’s release, according to Freddie Prinze Jr., may be Triple H’s first mistake.

Mandy Rose’s release, according to Freddie Prinze Jr., may be Triple H’s first mistake.

The latest commentator on Mandy Rose’s WWE release is Freddie Prinze Jr., who claims that it might be Triple H’s administration’s first misstep. As you are all aware at this point, Rose was fired from the company last week as a result of her FanTime account, which contained NSFW material. On the most recent episode of Wrestling With Freddie, Prinze commented on Rose’s release and talked about Rose’s probable wrestling career in addition to other topics. The highlights are listed below:

Regarding Rose’s termination: “In what I believe to be Triple H’s first error, they terminated Mandy Rose, the NXT Champion. And if you’re not familiar, she’s the best. She’s amazing and has won for over a year. She has stunning looks and can speak a little on the microphone. I don’t want to suggest that moving from the main roster to NXT is a relegation because I believe that most of the time these wrestlers now are trying to help the NXT roster, but the audience there embraced her with open arms. since a large number of them were NXT roster players.

I’m not sure if the folks you’re recruiting that you identify, the business identifies, as subcontractors — meaning they are not employees of the WWE — are actually independent contractors. They manage to avoid covering the insurance costs for these wrestlers in this way. All professional wrestlers are therefore required to have their own insurance before WWE will even consider them. There is some odd things there that is not cool, for example.

Rose’s salary is unknown, but I’m sure that’s the reason why they let her leave. Furthermore, it was said that she was earning significantly more on that than WWE was paying her, around $200K per month. Therefore, even though she was undoubtedly astonished, I’m sure she’s disappointed. Perhaps she was aware that what she was posting might lose her her job. But what are you going to do when the money is that good? After wrestling, I need to have a life of my own. And one of her main interests is fitness. I’m telling you, every day should be leg day.

“So they let her go, and she — I think in 90 days, will be a free agent and able to wrestle wherever she wants,” said Rose of her conceivable wrestling future. Nevertheless, I’m positive they remarked, “We’ll keep the door open.” That, however, simply implies, “Yeah, if you give us our cut.” Come back, of course, if we get 10 or 20 percent of whatever you make each month because we forced you to. She undoubtedly replied, “Go to hell, I’m not giving you a dollar of this money,” when they asked her that. All the best to you, Mandy Rose. As soon as your non-compete clause is lifted on Day 91, I’m certain you’ll get hired.

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