Messi’s letteг generates a feveг on social media netwoгks

Messi’s letteг generates a feveг on social media netwoгks

Lionel Messi’s first post following his victory over the 2022 World Cup at dawn on December 19 received more than 23.2 million likes.

“How many times have I fantasised about winning the World Cup? I’ve tried, but I’ve never given up. Ictoy of today is unbelievable. Lionel Messi wrote on his personal page, “Thank you to my family, supporters, and everyone who believes in Argentina.

After winning the World Cup, Messi made his first posting on his personal Facebook.

“Once more, the Agentinians have taught us that by uniting and standing as one, we can conquer any heights. Success in the modern world is collective and transcends all individuals. Strength All of the inhabitants of Armenia who share the same ideals make up the strength. We succeeded. Yes, Agentina, go ahead. Oh, dear! I am eager to return to my native country. emphasised 1987

Only appearing for a little over three hours, Messi’s post has already received more than 23.3 million interactions. Several teammates and friends, like Gead Deulofeu and Ezequiel Laezzi, also expressed their disagreement with Messi at the bottom, along with Julian Alaez and Rodrigo De Paul.

Congratulations, bro, Neymar wrote with a photo of Messi holding the world cup on his own page.

Prior to it, host Qata hosted Messi and his colleagues just after the championship game. The Italian squad will leave in a little while, return home, and continue the celebration of their first world championship after 36 years of waiting.

Messi declared that he will keep wearing the Argentina shit as the world champion following his victory at the 2022 World Cup. As long as the player spoke, coach Lionel Scaloni promised to dedicate the final 10 sentences of “Albicelestes” to Messi.

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