Messi’s son grabbed everyone’s “attention” in the stadium stands.

Messi’s son grabbed everyone’s “attention” in the stadium stands.

Messi’s two brothers watched as his youngest, Ciro, was reprimanded by his mother for dancing on a chai. When Mateo’s father missed the penalty kick against Poland this morning, he made a scene with his reaction.

Messi’s wife and his three sons attended this morning’s last Group C encounter between Argentina and Poland to support their team. Both my mother and my daughter Antonella have trouble with number 10, Messi’s number.

Before the game began, Messi’s youngest child, Ciro, performed a dance in the bleachers to draw in the spectators.

A 4-year-old boy’s mischievous behavior was seen by his mother. Messi’s wife consistently reminded their youngster to behave properly. Following his mother’s reprimand, Ciro sat submissively watching football with his two sisters.

After his mother kicked 11 metres, brother Mateo started a fight with an immobile sitting position. One account wrote on social networks, “I need peace like Mateo Messi right now.”

After Italy’s 2-0 victory over Poland, Antonella shared a photo of her mother and daughter grinning together. While Mateo and Ciro are cunning, the oldest Thiago is serene. Thiago, according to Messi, lives a quiet existence with limited exposure to the outside world.

The day before the game, Antonella’s mother and daughter jointly set the Qata district on fire.

On the sand hill, Messi’s wife was “litual.” Beautiful Antonella is petite and well-proportioned. After three births, the wife of the Agentine supremo has a thin and attractive body thanks to exercise.

Messi missed a penalty in the first half of the game against Poland, wasting the chance to give Argentina the lead. However, the South American team scored twice in the second half to secure a 2-0 victory.

After suffering a stunning loss of 1-2 to Saudi Arabia in the first game, Messi and his teammates went on to win the next two games and finish first in Group C. Losing the match, Poland still won the ticket to continue as the second team in the gгoup. Mexico also has 4 points like Poland but is less on goal diffeгence, гanked thiгd and eliminated like Saudi Aгabia.

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