Model and Chelsea Fan Alleges Dress Code Controversy at Stamford Bridge! OMG Amazing

Model and Chelsea Fan Alleges Dress Code Controversy at Stamford Bridge! OMG Amazing

Fashionable Chelsea Fan, Maria Liman, Encounters Dress Code Controversy at Stamford Bridge

Maria Liman, a passionate Chelsea fan and well-known model, recently found herself in the midst of a dress code dispute while attending a match at Stamford Bridge. Renowned for her striking fashion choices, Maria has never been afraid to make a bold statement with her outfits when attending football games.

Last week, when Maria went to watch Chelsea play Brentford in West London, she caught the attention of security personnel with her stunning royal blue ensemble. Taking to Instagram, she shared selfies of herself and two friends enjoying the game, while she donned a beautiful outfit comprising a jacket worn over a b.ra, complemented by a Chelsea hat.

However, in the caption accompanying her photos, Maria revealed that she was approached by stadium security after the picture was taken and was instructed to zip up her jacket. It appears that her attire did not align with the regulations set by the stadium management.

Unfortunately for Maria, her presence at the match coincided with Chelsea’s disappointing 2-0 loss to Brentford. The defeat marked the team’s fifth consecutive loss, with Cesar Azpilicueta scoring an own goal and Bryan Mbeumo delivering a remarkable solo goal. Despite the defeat, Maria and the other fans endured their team’s struggles, but it was evident that her outfit garnered attention and appreciation from her 1.1 million Instagram followers, even if the stewards did not share the same sentiment.

In addition to this incident, Maria has had a challenging month as she fell victim to a phone theft in London. In broad daylight, while walking down the street, a thief on a bike snatched her phone from her, despite her cries for help. Shockingly, the thief then proceeded to repeat the act against a second woman nearby, pushing her against a wall and causing her head injury, as reported by the police. Maria revealed that this was the second time her phone had been stolen in the area, adding to her unfortunate experiences.

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These incidents have brought both the fashion choices of fans and the issue of theft in the area into the spotlight, generating discussions about the need for security measures and awareness in public spaces. Despite the challenges faced, Maria continues to showcase her unwavering support for Chelsea and her unique sense of style, captivating fans with her stunning appearance and love for the sport.

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