Pax Thien Ascends as Angelina Jolie’s Beloved Child Through a Profound Act of Love by HollywoodNuts

Pax Thien Ascends as Angelina Jolie’s Beloved Child Through a Profound Act of Love by HollywoodNuts

Pax Thien: Angelina Jolie’s Cherished Son Shining through an Unforgettable Act

Within her family of six children, Angelina Jolie has always displayed a profound affection and closeness towards her Vietnamese-born son, Pax Thien. Despite consistently professing her love for all her children, regardless of gender, biological relation, or skin color, Angelina Jolie cannot conceal her special fondness for Pax Thien.

The name Pax Thien was personally chosen by Angelina Jolie for the Vietnamese boy. “Thien” symbolizes the sky, serving as a constant reminder of his birthplace and reflecting the boy’s spirit of freedom and untamed personality, which captivates Angelina Jolie’s heart.

This unique gesture has firmly established Pax Thien as the most beloved child in Angelina Jolie’s eyes, evoking deep emotions and attachment. In an interview with a proud voice, Angelina Jolie described Pax Thien as a remarkably strong and serious yet sweet-natured boy, highlighting his distinctive qualities.

Despite his rebellious demeanor, Pax Thien holds a special place in Angelina Jolie’s heart as the most sensitive child. He assumes the role of an older brother among his siblings, displaying a natural inclination to care for and protect them. Previously known for his aversion to the prying eyes of the media, Pax Thien has transformed under the loving guidance of his mother. As he grows older, he exhibits maturity and a growing awareness of his unique position among his brothers and sisters.

From a shy orphan to a composed and mature individual, Pax Thien’s upbringing exemplifies remarkable transformation. Although not the eldest child, Pax Thien consistently behaves like a responsible older brother. Angelina Jolie shares that he enjoys playfully engaging with his siblings and assumes a protective role, watching over them closely and tightly holding their hands when out together, as if fearing they might become lost.

During his parents’ divorce, Pax Thien demonstrated unwavering strength as a young man, becoming a source of support for his mother. He is the child most often seen by Angelina Jolie’s side when they appear together publicly. People frequently observe the 15-year-old boy shouldering the burdens, ensuring his mother does not struggle with even the smallest tasks.

Despite his young age, Pax Thien exhibits both physical and emotional maturity. He possesses a strong awareness of his role as a man in his mother’s life, actively shouldering responsibilities and refusing to let her bear the weight alone. When Angelina Jolie traveled to Cambodia to film “First They Killed My Father,” she brought Pax Thien along and entrusted him with behind-the-scenes photography for the film crew.

In 2017, amidst the storm of their divorce, Angelina Jolie chose to bring only Pax Thien as her companion to the Golden Globe Awards. Not only does Pax Thien aspire to be a steadfast support for his mother, but Angelina Jolie herself finds solace in having this “young man” by her side. Although not biologically related, the emotional bond between Angelina Jolie and Pax Thien is undeniably special.

In the face of health and marital challenges, Pax Thien remains a constant pillar of strength for Angelina Jolie, standing firmly by her side.


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