Reason behind Ronaldo doesn’t let his son use his phone by HollywoodNuts

Reason behind Ronaldo doesn’t let his son use his phone by HollywoodNuts

Cristiano Ronaldo is a football legend who cannot be unnoticed by those who are enthusiastic about the game.

Like the number 7 jersey, Cristiano Ronaldo is still regarded as a “living legend” today. Cristiano Ronaldo Junior must have “golden feet” to carry on his father’s legacy as the first son of CR7.

Ronaldo Jr. was unable to utilize the phone despite his aptitude and early ability to generate money.

The world is familiar with Cristiano Ronaldo Junior as the first child of football legend CR7.

Ronaldo trains his son in this manner. Crazy training regimen of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

Particularly, Cristiano Ronaldo Junior is the player CR7’s first child and was born in 2010.

When his father escorted him to the podium to accept the 2015 Ballon d’Or prize, Ronaldo Jr. made his public debut.

Since then, millions of people across the world have seen Ronaldo Jr. grow up. The world was shocked to see the youngster and his father receiving the “Golden Ball” in 2015.

Cristiano Ronaldo instructs Mateo and CR7 Jr. in football technique.

BEAUTIFUL! Ronaldo and his newborn baby, Cristiano As far as we are aware, CR7’s father gave his kid a very meticulous and moral upbringing.

It is obvious that Ronaldo Jr. joined the football community and rapidly shown his exceptional talent under the influence of his father, the finest player in the world, even though CR7 is not a son to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Ronaldo Jr. scored 58 goals in 23 games for the 2020 season. Since that time, Ronaldo Jr. has gained attention in the football world as a “potential football seed” as opposed to his father’s son Cristiano Ronaldo, who had previously received that attention.

Ronaldo Jr. grew up watching his father participate in sports and work out. Ronaldo Jr. excels on the field with assists and a polished handling and dribbling technique.


As a result, the 12-year-old youngster received the honor of being named the top scorer. Ronaldo Jr.’s football career had a significant turning point when he signed a deal with the Manchester United team in the early months of 2022.

Ronaldo Jr.’s football talent is growing as a result of his father’s strict discipline. Ronaldo Jr., who was gifted and accomplished in his teens, is understandable.

The analysis by Fame Ranker indicates that son CR7 can make around 363,000 USD annually.

Thus, Ronaldo Jr.’s assets from the start to the present might total USD 1.2 million. Even though he was just 12 years old, Ronaldo Jr.’s father forbade him from using a cell phone.

Despite being wealthy himself, Ronaldo Jr. is frequently turned down by his father when he says, “Dad, I want a phone.”

Cristiano Ronaldo admitted in an interview that he forbade his son from using a phone because he didn’t want him to be “destined by technology” at an early age.

In 2023, You Won’t Believe How Excellent Ronaldo Jr. Has Become!

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