Robert Downey Jr. and Joe Rogan approve of Marvel’s One of the Most Upsetting Decisions in the Avengers.

Robert Downey Jr. and Joe Rogan approve of Marvel’s One of Most Upsetting Decisions in the Avengers.

One of the most iconic decisions ever was Robert Downey Jr.’s casting as Iro Ma. His stage presence was so strong that once he left, no one could ever imagine that character being performed by someone else. He successfully made one for himself and quickly rose to become a fan favourite. But most alarmingly, he also outraged a particular segment of the populace by supporting one of the most contentious casting decisions in the MCU.

Mark Ruffalo and Robert Dowey Jr.

The Sherlock Holmes actor spoke out in favour of a topic that is frequently used to divide many fans when he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience. Mark Ruffalo, according to Robert Downey Jr., is ideal for the role of the Hulk. Although Mark Ruffalo undoubtedly contributed much to the Gamma-Radiated Superhero, Edward Norton’s version continues to retain a particular place in the hearts of many.

What was said about Mark Ruffalo by Robert Downey Jr.?

Evelyn Thom Although not everyone agrees that Mark Ruffalo’s interpretation of Bruce Bauer is the best, it has a strong fan base. All of this occurred when Edward Norton was fired from Avengers for having creative disagreements with the Kevin Feige citadel. Despite being the least successful movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Nortô’s The Incredible Hulk is nonetheless well-remembered by fans for a number of reasons.

Mark Ruffalo portrays Bruce Behr.

Robert Downey Jr. has consistently expressed his support and respect for Mark Ruffalo’s performance in the field despite the film’s mixed critical reception. Additionally, it was demonstrated when he participated in a Joe Roga interview. You can view the entire interview here.

In the interview, when Roga brought up the subject of the various actors that have played the role up until this point, he said that Ruffalo is his favourite. Supporting his claim, the Zodiac actor added right away:

He was merely bored by it.

Further, Joe Roga expressed his dislike for the Smart Hulk’s inclusion in the MCU, which was also widely condemned by many fans but was also defended by Iro Ma, who believed it was a clever, original idea.

On the other hand, the Shutter Island actor admitted that Robert Downey Jr. persuaded him to accept the role of Bruce Bauer in the 2012 Marvel movie.

Robert Dowey Jr. invited Mark Ruffalo to join Marvel.

The Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo

When Mark Ruffalo participated in a Jimmy Fallo interview, he didn’t hesitate to share his Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) journey with the audience. He claimed that when Joss Whedo first approached him, he initially felt anxious.

I had no idea what I could add to what had already been done so effectively before me. I don’t know if I am the perfect person for this job because I had only ever done death movies up to that point.

Robert Downey Jr. assumed responsibility for persuading him to accept the role.

Joss Whedon responds, “Yeah, you’re the right person. After that, Dowey must have heard that I was hemming and hawing because all he said was, “Ruffalo, let’s go.” We can do this. I’m wearing Iro Ma fashion. I was thinking, “I guess I have to do it,” after that.

To be more specific, the argument about who is the greatest Hulk will arise each time we see the character on screen. Numerous family members that represent Edward Norton frequently discuss how Hulk’s abilities have been diminished in his MCU outings. Hollywood Nuts also talked about how the role would have been greater if it had ever been recast.

The House of Edward Norton

We may possibly get a standalone Hulk movie in the MCU as it is rumoured that Disney will acquire the rights to the character’s solo film in 2023. Additionally, if the rumours are true and a film based on the World War II novel is produced, the classic novel may see a comeback.

Mark Ruffalo may be seen streaming Disney+ on She-Hulk.

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