Rumors Regarding Nightmare Before Christmas 2 Are Addressed By Jack Skellington

Rumors Regarding Nightmare Before Christmas 2 Are Addressed By Jack Skellington

The voice actor of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town who learns the delights of Christmas and decides to bring the holiday home with him by orchestrating the kidnapping of Santa Claus, has commented on the rumours of a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel. The 1993 stop-motion animated picture never had a sequel, despite being a beloved film that is usually seen around Halloween and Christmas. But throughout the years that have passed, whispers of a potential Nightmare Before Christmas 2 have continued to circulate.

The voice of Jack Skellington, Chris Sarandon, was interviewed by Robert Peterpaul for the most recent episode of his podcast The Art of Kindness. They talked about the rumours that a sequel was in the works, which Sarandon debunked with all the authority he could muster since even if the movie was in development, he wouldn’t be directly engaged with that stage of the process. Below is his complete quote:

I am essentially unrelated to it. I am unable to dial Tim Burton’s number and say, “Let’s go, then! Let’s watch “The Nightmare Before Christmas” again!” In this situation, I’m the hired gun. I’m not sure if I would appear in a sequel or not. In the meanwhile, I value Tim’s opinions. When The Princess Bride was released, there was a huge desire for a sequel. I’m not sure how Tim is feeling. I’ve heard a lot of things, but they might or might not be true.

Will there even be a sequel to “A Nightmare Before Christmas”?

It still seems doubtful that a sequel will be released anytime soon despite fan demands and the fact that items from The Nightmare Before Christmas featuring Jack Skellington’s likeness is still available in many shops. The most recent speculations of a Nightmare Before Christmas 2 surfaced in 2019, albeit it was unclear from those claims whether Disney was working on a stop-motion sequel or a live-action remake. Apart from those alleged assertions, the Disney camp has been silent ever since.

A number of unsuccessful attempts to adapt the story into different non-film mediums have also been made. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie’s Revenge from 2004 and Kingdom Hearts, a crossover game between Disney and Final Fantasy, both feature Jack Skellington and other Nightmare characters. The 2022 companion book Long Live the Pumpkin Queen, written by Disney most recently, is narrated from the viewpoint of Jack’s love interest Sally. Given that it doesn’t appear to be connected to any new properties, that might suggest that there isn’t going to be a movie released very soon.

There may not be a better time to launch a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas than right now, though. The beloved Addams Family spinoff series Wednesday and the stop-motion film Wendell & Wild, directed by Henry Selick (his first feature since 2009’s Coraline), have both enjoyed successful comebacks on Netflix in recent months. It could seem only logical to match them together again now that both designers are back in the game, providing they are available and willing.

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