Spotted: Angelina Jolie Is Platinum Blonde In Marvel’s Eternals by HollywoodNuts

Spotted: Angelina Jolie Is Platinum Blonde In Marvel’s Eternals by HollywoodNuts

In a world after Endgame, there aren’t many things that might ease the loss of Tony Stark and Captain America (Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.). A platinum Angelina Jolie, though, might be the solution we’ve been looking for. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future was officially shown to fans earlier this week, and truthfully, it has never been more stunning—or blonde.

Jolie is the newest member of the Marvel family, in case you didn’t know. The Academy Award winner’s role as Thena, the warrior daughter of Zuras, in The Eternals was officially announced by Marvel Studios in July during the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

The upcoming franchise, which also stars Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, and Kit Harington (yes, a Game of Thrones reunion), centers on a group of genetically produced superhumans.

Fans on Twitter assume that Jolie is throwing ashes into the sea in the imagined scene, although that hypothesis has not yet been proven. Photos of Jolie allegedly filming the opening scenes of The Eternals were leaked earlier this week. While there isn’t much information available about the Marvel comic’s film adaptation, we do know that Jolie’s Thena is a badass with striking blonde hair and flashy headgear, just like in the original Eternals comic. The golden accessories are unfortunately absent from the Jolie preview photos, but her hair is still very much present.

There is currently no information on whether Jolie bleached her hair for the role or if the brighter hue is simply the result of a fantastic wig, but based on the history of Marvel movies, the latter is certainly the case. Lace-front wigs are essential while filming MCU movies, according to Camille Friend, head of the hair department for Captain Marvel, who previously spoke with Refinery29. “We use a lot of wigs in the Marvel world,” Friend added. “They’re easier to work with, and there are double or triple stunt people on set who have to look very much like the actor.”

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