“The Avengers are cowards,” said DC actor Dwayne Johnson, who added that Thanos doesn’t frighten Black Adam.

“The Avengers are cowards,” said DC actor Dwayne Johnson, who added that Thanos doesn’t frighten Black Adam.

The Marvel Cinematic World and the DC Universe have competed against one another for the title of the best superhero universe since the dawn of time. Fans undoubtedly have a team they support, but star Dwayne Johnson also has a squad he fully backs.

Dwayne Johnson

Knowing that Dwayne Johnson is, of course, a member of Team DCU shouldn’t require much thought. After all, he is a component of the cosmos! The actor just made his DC Universe debut in and as Black Adam. The Rock seemed to have something to say about the Avengers, the superheroes on the other side, though. He seems to think that the Avengers are cowards and that if Thanos were a member of the DCU, the superheroes would annihilate him!

Dwayne Johnson makes fun of the MCU’s Avengers

Dwayne Johnson discussed the Avengers, a group of strong superheroes that includes Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and other figures, in an earlier interview. He was questioned about his feelings toward the MCU supervillain Thanos, also known as the Mad Titan. Johnson gave a negative response to the query. The Rock is not the least bit frightened by Thanos! He continued by saying that although the Avengers were his friends, they were also “pu**ies.”

“Now, the Avengers have a problem. So, what if Thano, do you ask? How is the name pronounced? If I were scared of Thanos? The problem with the Avengers is this. All of them are my friends. The fact is, they are pu**ies.

Johnson went on to criticize the Avengers further, claiming that they lacked any tough members before praising DC.

THE AVATAR? No, you know who in the Avengers is tough? Neither of them! DC is present! You understand what I’m saying.

Johnson’s comments were only harmless fun; after all, he has frequently praised Marvel in his writing. But it does appear that Johnson is staying with the DCU when it comes to choosing teams.

Dwayne Johnson might be hopping universes.

Black Adam, played by Dwayne Johnson

Johnson’s Black Adam franchise appears to be stagnating right now. Although the DCU’s near future does not involve Black Adam in any form, the actor had tweeted that there have been discussions regarding “exploring” ways the antihero could be featured in the future.

Johnson now has a few choices. He could enter the Marvel Studios and leave the DC Universe, or he could hang around and wait for his chance to play a superhero. It appears that the latter possibility is also not entirely out of the question, according to a report from Giant Freakin Robot.

Johnson is reportedly in “advanced talks with Marvel Studios,” per their sources, to join the MCU. Kevin Feige, president of Marvel Studios, previously said that he would adore it if Johnson ever joined the MCU. If the rumours are accurate, Johnson’s fans will be very perplexed this time around. Is his devotion to DCU in question? And perhaps more crucially, will he finally join the MCU? All we can do is wait for the responses.

Black Adam, Johnson’s DCU debut, is currently streaming on HBO Max.


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