тнe нιdden corner oғ тнe lιғe oғ ‘нo*.тeѕт woмan’ Angelιna Jolιe

тнe нιdden corner oғ тнe lιғe oғ ‘нo*тeѕт woмan’ Angelιna Jolιe

Recently, Angelina Jolie abruptly announced her retirement, leaving tens of millions of people dissatisfied and regretting their decision. because it is challenging for many to comprehend the sudden loss of a talent and beauty that are so well-known on Hollywood screens.

When discussing Angelina Jolie, a movie enthusiast can gush for hours about how talented and versatile she is as an actress. However, there are numerous untold tales involving the stunning actress’s private life that are hardly ever reported in the media.

aspiring to be a director… funeral

Little Angelina, in contrast to other kids her age, wants to be a funeral director instead of a doctor, engineer, painter, or businessman.

“After attending funerals as a child, I believe that the customs followed are not deserving of a person’s life. I believed I could perform better. I quickly registered for a course following that. The actress recalled her childhood fantasy of receiving a certificate by email while at home at the age of 14.

14-year-old romance

The year that Angelina Jolie turned 14 was filled with a lot of cherished memories. A special mark of the female star at the time, in addition to the director’s fantasy and her first tattoos, was the tragic love story she experienced as a teenager.

When she was 14 years old, Angelina began dating a young man who she thought she would eventually marry. Despite strong opposition from her family, Jolie’s lover moves in with her.

After two years of romantic love, they split up. This information really surprised Jolie, but it also inspired her to concentrate on her acting profession.

phobia of embraces
Angelina Jolie has grown to dislike embraces, despite their sincere intentions. “As an adult, I started to hesitate with arms, including my mother’s,” the actress admitted.

weird pastime
Angelina has a lot of strange interests and pastimes. Some of them amass blades, vampire literature, and first edition books.

because they didn’t want to “rely on” their father, they changed their last name.
When Angelina Jolie began her career as a child actor, her well-known father Jon Voight provided her with very astute guidance. The Voight father and son had a 1982 film called “Looking to get out” with Inhau as a co-star.

The actress made the decision to drop the surname Voight from her name in 2002 because she did not want to be called after her renowned father or be “dissected” in comparison to him.

infamous brother-brother kisses

Jolie and James Haven, her brother, get along very well. The two cousins occasionally “lock their lips” in the midst of a crowd without thinking twice, which leads to a lot of misunderstandings among the general public.

James admits to being unsure about the two’s relationship: “I’m so close to Angie that occasionally I think I’ve found the perfect woman for my life.”

biggest phobia
Because she loves life so much, Angelina admitted, “I think about death every day.” According to Angelina, the scariest scenario for her is being buried alive.

Music video star
Angelina Jolie spent the past few months making music videos for numerous musicians, including Meat Loaf, Kravitz, and The Rolling Stones, before becoming one of Hollywood’s priciest celebrities.
In 1997, there were fresh romance speculations surrounding Jolie and Mick Jagger due to their successful musical combination.

Handle PR on your own

It’s strange that Hollywood A-listers like Angelina Jolie don’t have any partners at all if every artist in the industry has their own support group. Without a manager, assistant, or stylist, Angelina creates and produces all of her own advertising.
Gay romance
Jolie once engaged in a consensual relationship while she was divorcing her first husband, Jonny Lee Miller. In 1998, she dated Jenny Shimizu, a co-star in the film “Foxfire.”

The “1/3, 1/3, and 1/3” family rule.

A clever woman is one who understands how to raise and manage a family. Using this statement to describe Angelina Jolie is entirely appropriate. The “Wanted” star, despite her fame, doesn’t live a lavish or opulent lifestyle; instead, she strictly adheres to the rule of “1/3, 1/3, and 1/3”. This suggests that you should spend a third of your income, donate a third of your savings, and save the other third.

female pilot who is creative

Angelina Jolie, a well-known bold woman in Hollywood, inspires admiration in men with her strength and determination to live. Even though some things seem insurmountable for women, she nonetheless succeeds in completing them fully. Actor Brad Pitt once gushed, “I’m proud to have her in my life.” about Angelina.

One of the fortunate ones, the Hollywood actress who recently earned her pilot’s license had the chance to travel the globe aboard Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic private plane.

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