THE NEWS about Al Roker’s health has broken our souls

Esteemed weatherman Al Roker, a beloved figure in television, has been noticeably absent from the screen due to a critical health episode involving blood clots. Originating in his thigh, these clots extended to his lungs, compelling him to undergo hospitalization for necessary medical intervention.

In a poignant message conveyed through a tweet, Roker opened up about his ongoing journey toward recovery. He expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming support he has received and conveyed heartfelt appreciation for the well wishes extended by his fans.

Roker’s openness about his health struggles is not new, as he has previously shared details about surgeries related to hip and knee issues, as well as his battle with prostate cancer. Despite these challenges, he has remained resilient and engaged, exemplified by his completion of the Brooklyn Half Marathon.

Notable personalities from the “Today” show, including Hoda Kotb, Dylan Dryer, Craig Melvin, and Savannah Guthrie, have publicly voiced their support for Roker. They commend his positive outlook and unwavering spirit in the face of adversity.

Remarkably, Roker returned to the “Today” show merely two months after his hospitalization for the blood clots. In a revealing interview, alongside his spouse Deborah Roberts, Roker disclosed the gravity of his condition, acknowledging that at certain points, even medical professionals were uncertain about the outcome. They described the entire experience as “frightening” and referred to it as “the scariest journey” of their lives.

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