Top 10 Interesting and Surprising Facts about Merly Streep!

Meryl Streep has for decades sung and acted in many iconic films. Meryl and her husband share four children together, all of whom are also in show business. The actor was named Mary Louise Streep after her mother and grandmother.

She is mostly known for her iconic role in the show The Devil Wears Prada and Sophie’s Choice. Meryl also played British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom, in the 2011 film The Iron Lady

Her eldest, Henry Wolfe, is a musician, her youngest, Louisa, is a model, and her two middle children, Mamie and Grace, are both actresses. She has stared in films like the musical, Into the Woods and the film Kramer vs. Kramer. Here are some interesting facts about Meryl Streep.

1. Her real name is not Meryl

Meryl has always been known to be the actor’s original name but that is not the case. When the actor was born, she was named Mary Louise Streep after her mother and grandmother. Louise Buckman, her mom’s best friend gave her the middle name.

The origin of the name Meryl was her father who liked the name. The name is a combination of her first and middle name, Mary and Louise.

2. She applied to trademark her name

Like many artists and celebrities in Hollywood especially, Meryl Streep has filed an application with the United States Trademark Office to trademark her name officially. By applying for the trademark, she would have exclusive rights to the use of her name in the entertainment industry.

Her application referred to live, televised, and movie appearances, speaking engagements, and autograph signings in order to prevent anyone else from making money off of their brand. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Meryl has started the motions of having her name trademarked protecting her name from any unauthorized commercial use.

3. Meryl Streep was a cheerleader and the homecoming queen in high school

The actor was a talented cheerleader and the homecoming queen when she was in high school. Meryl was very active in high school and participated in various activities like joining the cheerleading squad, paying in various musicals as the lead, she was part of the French club and part of the student council. She was also elected for homecoming queen in her senior year of high school.

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