Triple H made an Important & Shocking Decision!

Triple H made an Important & Shocking Decision!

In July we reported how the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian had confirmed the change from TV-PG to TV-14 for the Monday Night Raw show, that is, according to him, WWE would return to a product dedicated to teenagers and adults and no longer all whole family, as happened from 2008 onwards, when WWE had become TV-PG or a product for children too.

In Zarian’s confirmation, we read: “Starting July 18, WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating moving forward on USA Network. The PG Era is over.” However, as you have well noticed, this never happened. Now, however, it’s Triple H, who has taken care of the entire creative field of the company since Vince McMahon resigned and left everything in the hands of him and his daughter Stephanie McMahon.

Triple H has no doubts

Yesterday, thanks to the colleagues of The Ringer, we learned that this year’s Survivor Series will undergo a beautiful change, which has already intrigued many fans: there will be two WarGames Matches inside and it will no longer be a battle between brands, but a battle based on storylines.

But always in the same article with Triple H, which is an interview with the King of Kings who explained this change in detail, it was also asked if in general the blood will return to WWE shows and his answer was quite clear.

“The world has changed. The world has evolved. I don’t think it’s necessary. If one of the talents happens to get hurt by opening with a cut, you’ll usually see him roll out and get checked to make sure nothing dangerous has happened.”

I’m just of the opinion that right now [not necessary], given the state of the world and the pandemic, and ultimately, what we do is dangerous enough without intentionally making it more dangerous. Yes, we have made blood a feature.

[of matches ed.] for a long time, but we changed that practice. And it’s irresponsible to go back.” Recently, Bayley has commented on what it’s like to have Triple H as the WWE Head of Creative after Vince McMahon’s retirement.

“It’s so cool, I’ve had a great relationship with him since NXT and he’s watched me grow and we’ve had many conversations about everything and how I view the business or what I want to contribute to the business and the women’s division. So he knows me and it’s so easy to be able to talk to him,” said Bayley.

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