Unlocking Ways to Support Mbappe’s Multi-Million Dollar Fashion Success by HollywoodNuts

Unlocking Ways to Support Mbappe’s Multi-Million Dollar Fashion Success by HollywoodNuts

Kylian MƄappe’s Lucrative Watch Advertising Contracts and Fashion Success

Kylian MƄappe, at the age of 25, has not only achieved remarkable feats on the football field but has also amassed significant wealth through lucrative advertising contracts. His talent and popularity have made him a favored figure among many fashion brands, particularly those catering to male athletes.

MƄappe’s outstanding performance as the captain of the French national team, where he scored two goals leading to victory over the Netherlands, showcased his prowess at a young age. With 38 goals for his country, he has secured a place among the top five best strikers in French football history.

Beyond his sporting achievements, MƄappe has also established himself as a fashion trendsetter. Known for his vibrant, dynamic, and youthful sense of style, he often dons eye-catching suits and possesses an extensive collection of expensive shoes and watches.

The value of MƄappe’s advertising contracts is in the multimillion-dollar range. According to Forbes, he earns an estimated $18 million annually through endorsement deals with renowned brands such as Nike, Hublot, Oakley, and Panini. This collaboration with multiple industry giants has propelled him to the status of a “rising star” in the fashion world, contributing to his significant earnings of over $15 million from advertising contracts in 2021 alone.

One of his notable deals was a 10-year, $187 million contract with Nike, as reported by Style Caster. This partnership led to the release of MƄappe’s first personalized football shoes, the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI, inspired by the iconic R9 Mercurial shoes. Additionally, he was selected as a model for the Off-White collection in collaboration with Nike, an honor bestowed upon him by fashion designer Virgil Abloh in the same year.

Apart from Nike, MƄappe has also secured a lucrative partnership with Hublot, a renowned watch brand. In 2020, Hublot appointed him as their global ambassador, replacing Usain Bolt. The Mirror reported that this collaboration is worth over $1 million annually.

The admiration for MƄappe extends beyond the realm of sport, as he continues to expand his influence into the fashion industry. In late 2021, he was appointed as a global ambassador for Dior, representing men’s fashion and the fragrance Sauvage. This recognition further solidifies his position as a fashion icon, evident from his frequent appearances in Dior designs at various events and in his daily life.

In March 2023, it was reported by Robb Report that MƄappe collaborated with Oakley to launch an eyewear collection, adding another dimension to his foray into the fashion world. The collection is available for purchase on Oakley’s website, with prices starting at $329.

MƄappe’s personal fashion style strikes a balance between safe and impressive. His choices of dark suits, often paired with ties matching the suit’s color, exude a classic and timeless appeal. Watches are frequently used as standout accessories to complement his outfits. During the FIFA The Best gala, MƄappe adorned a Hublot Big Bang Steel Blue Diamonds model valued at $17,600. Similarly, at the 2022 Ballon d’Or gala, he wore a Hublot Big Bang Steel Diamonds timepiece worth over $16,000.

However, MƄappe’s fashion choices are not limited to formal attire. He also embraces a youthful and vibrant side, incorporating colorful outfits, coordinated sets, sneakers, and high-end designer bags into his everyday style. While his overall layout tends to be safe without many radical innovations, he effortlessly builds a trendy image by adopting ton-sur-ton ensembles and stylish suits.

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