Vin Diesel & Gal Gadot Meet on Playdate with their Kids!  See Photo of Cute Moment!

Vin Diesel & Gal Gadot Meet on Playdate with their Kids!  See Photo of Cute Moment!

Vin Diesel, Gal Gadot’s on playdate with their kids: “When we aren’t playing superheroes”, see photo

When they are not kicking ass on big screen, Vin Diesel and Gal Gadot love being parents and all other things that come with it. The Fast and Furious stars reunited for a cute picture where the two are seen with their daughters. Vin Diesel’s 9-year old daughter Hania Riley is sleeping in his lap, while Gadot is feeding her daughter Maya. Gal gave birth to her second child Maya in March. Vin Diesel shared the picture on his Facebook and wrote, “When we aren’t playing superheroes… All love”.

Gal was several months pregnant while filming a major portion of Wonder Woman. She played Gisele in the fourth, fifth and sixth instalment of Fast and Furious movies. This is not the first time that both Vin and Gal have shared their pictures on their respective Instagram handles. The frequency with which they share each other’s pictures on Instagram suggests that they both are fond of each other.

Earlier Vin shared an adorable picture of himself along with Gal and congratulated on the success of Wonder Woman. Vin wrote, “There are no words I can Say that can convey how proud I am of you…Your recording breaking weekend is nothing short of incredible”.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman has become the highest grossing live action film directed by a woman. Wonder Woman was Patty Jenkins’s second film after Monster. It’s also reported that Wonder Woman is the second best-reviewed superhero film after Logan.

Wonder Woman is about an Amazonian warrior who leaves her secluded island to save the world from a looming war. In doing so, Diana realizes her destiny and finds some harsh truth about humans.

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