Wednesday: An explanation of each Addams Family member’s powers

Wednesday: An explanation of each Addams Family member’s powers

This article includes SPOILERS for the first season of Wednesday, so beware!

The recognisable Addams family from Netflix’s Wednesday gains supernatural skills, with each eccentric character displaying a new talent. The Netflix series even examines the skills of their ancestors who lived several centuries ago. Wednesday is the first rendition of The Addams Family to explicitly state that every member of the family possesses supernatural abilities. In earlier versions, the Addamses’ supernatural abilities were left open to interpretation or added another unsettling quirk to the characters, but Wednesday season 1’s plot heavily relies on their abilities.

The action of Wednesday takes place at the Nevermore Academy, a training ground and gathering place for youngsters from diverse supernatural species. The Tim Burton Netflix series examines the intriguing abilities of Wednesday’s family members, notably Morticia and Fester Addams, while Wednesday struggles to control her developing powers at school. While some members of The Addams Family have yet to demonstrate their supernatural abilities in Wednesday, the show makes sure that she, Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley, and their cousins all possess such abilities.


On Wednesday, Jenna Ortega played Wednesday Addams.

Her developing psychic abilities are one of the main themes of Wednesday Addams’ plot in the first season of Wednesday. Wednesday explains that she has been having strong visions for the past year, but she is unable to manage them since they occur abruptly. Wednesday sometimes experiences random psychic visions, but they are usually triggered by touching something or someone, which causes her to perceive a related moment from the past or future. As the murder case from Wednesday season 1 develops, Jenna Ortega’s character gains greater control over her psychic talent, enabling her to realise that Tyler is the Hyde.

Both sides of Wednesday Addams’ family contributed to her psychic prowess; her mother Morticia Frump is a gifted medium, and her father Gomez’s great-grandmother Goody Addams was a well-known witch and medium. Given her gloomier perspective on the world, Wednesday fits the description of a “raven,” a type of psychic similar to Goody. This indicates that Wednesday’s visions are more powerful and intense, but Morticia cautions that if raven psychics lack the necessary training, they risk becoming insane. Thankfully, Wednesday can control her superhuman abilities with the help of Nevermore Academy, her family, and other psychics like Xavier Thorpe.


Wednesday on Netflix stars Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams.
In earlier Addams Family adaptations, Morticia Addams had a vampiric appearance and manner, but Wednesday shows that the matriarch is actually a psychic. that of Catherine Zeta-Jones Morticia had psychic visions resembling those of Wednesday, whom she had assisted in summoning with an obsidian necklace. Morticia started having visions when she was about 16 years old at Nevermore Academy, and at first thought she was “losing her mind” when they grew more potent, according to Principal Larissa Weems. Young Morticia Frump’s visions, in Weems’ opinion, were “notoriously untrustworthy and harmful.”

While Morticia gave Wednesday Addams her psychic abilities, the matriarch is revealed in Tim Burton’s Netflix series to be a different kind of psychic. Based on their different worldviews, Morticia is a dove and Wednesday is a raven. Morticia, Wednesday’s character, has a more upbeat perspective on life, therefore her psychic visions aren’t as intense or menacing as those of her daughter. While Morticia’s psychic abilities aren’t utilised during the murder case in Nevermore, the character’s visions will probably be included in Wednesday season 2.


As Gomez Addams in Wednesday season 1, Luis Guzman

Unexpectedly, Wednesday season 1 doesn’t explicitly state what paranormal abilities Gomez Addams possesses. Although his kid is clairvoyant and his brother can create electricity, Gomez’s skill isn’t evident in the Netflix series. He most certainly possesses a psychic ability, but Gomez’s ostracised species won’t be revealed until the Addams family makes an appearance in Wednesday season 2. The Addams Family sitcom and 1990s feature series don’t show Gomez’s supernatural abilities either, but he does have a curious talent in the characters’ 1972 appearance in the Scooby-Doo episode “Wednesday Is Missing.” In this episode, Gomez Addams demonstrates his potential superpower of being able to walk on walls in Wednesday.



In Tim Burton’s Wednesday, Fester Addams possesses a fairly singular ability because no other characters have shown the ability to create electricity. In the first season of Wednesday, Uncle Fester uses his superhuman abilities to zap Thing back to life after a distraught Wednesday begs him to save the Addamses’ cherished sentient hand. Fester’s electric prowess, which he probably employs in his bank robberies, is handy for his criminal profession as well.

In contrast to earlier adaptations, which either implied their talents or portrayed them as helpless grotesque figures, Netflix’s Wednesday is the first time all the Addams Family characters are explicitly revealed to possess supernatural abilities. However, in both the original 1960s sitcom and The Addams Family (1991), Uncle Fester did had the ability to create electricity after being struck by lightning. Thus, the only supernatural abilities proven to have been carried over from previous adaptations are Uncle Fester’s skills in Wednesday.


Wednesday YouTube Wednesday Putnam Addams

Pugsley Addams, in contrast to his older sister Wednesday, has not yet made known his uncanny talent. Pugsley stays with the “normies” in Wednesday season 1, whilst Wednesday was ordered to join Nevermore Academy’s strong pariah species after being expelled from the public school. In Wednesday season 2, Pugsley will probably enrol in Nevermore Academy, which is also when he’ll probably learn about his abilities. It was revealed by Wednesday that she began experiencing psychic visions when she was about 15 years old, making this the most likely time for Pugsley to develop his abilities. Pugsley may belong to this exiled species in Wednesday as both his mother and sister are psychics.


Goody and Wednesday Addams from Season 1 of Wednesday

The Addams Family history gains a brand-new member in Tim Burton’s Wednesday, who goes on to play a significant part in the long-running murder investigation and outcast-normie conflict at Nevermore Academy. It is revealed that Goody Addams was a very strong witch and psychic who, like her descendant Wednesday, a raven psychic, had terrible and potent visions. Furthermore, Goody was a witch who had the power to cast spells and curses on other people, including the blood curse she put on the soul of pilgrim Joseph Crackstone. As Goody returned to assist and heal the main character throughout her conflicts in Wednesday season 1, the 17th-century figure was also able to see her offspring in the afterlife.

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