What Can Happen to Your Body If You Wear a B.r.a. Every Day

What Can Happen to Your Body If You Wear a B.r.a. Every Day

From wraps to cups, b.r.a.s are available nowadays in the most unique shapes and design varieties made to please every woman who wears them. Aside from creating a foundation for your clothing and making you look good, b.r.a.s are made to benefit you in a diversity of ways.

If b.r.a.s haven’t won your heart yet, we from HollywoodNuts would like to show you some reasons why they should.

1. Your neck will be in less pain.

You may have heard that large br.e.a.sts can affect your back. Unfortunately, having larger br.e.a.sts and cup sizes may lead to neck strain and an aching back and shoulders.

Although some people, at the advice of their doctors, go for a br.e.a.st reduction, wearing a comfortable and well-fitting b.r.a may help you with support and the easing of this pain.

2. Your spinal posture may be better.

Gravity won’t spare any of us. Considering that the weight of your br.e.a.sts may cause discomfort, your posture could also be affected for the same reason. Needless to say, wearing a b.r.a for support may help you with having better posture and reducing spinal problems.

3. Your br.e.a.sts won’t hurt during exercise.

Unfortunately, some girls and women experience br.e.a.st pain during exercise. This happens due to the movement of the br.e.a.st tissue during jogging, running, or exercising your body, in general. The solution is simple: wear a sports b.r.a.

This will help to support the superior portion of your back and, of course, will reduce any pain that exercise may cause.

4. You’ll get a boost in confidence.

Famous model and businesswoman Dita von Teese once said: “Don’t save your good lin.ge.rie for dates, wear it for you.” What we get from her is a message we should all embrace. It’s safe (and proven) to say that if you feel beautiful wearing a b.r.a or set of lin.ge.rie, you’ll instantly feel more confident and ready for that important day. Go girl!

5. You’ll look fashionable.

Are you always trying to conceal your b.r.a straps under your clothes? Fear no more. There is a growing fashion trend that has inspired many women to show their b.r.a.s in a stylish and edgy way. For that, choose a nice-looking b.r.a and pair it with a high-waisted skirt or pants or balance it with layering piece for the top part — you’ll see how good it looks!

6. You may have a better experience when nursing.

This one goes to all the moms out there! If you feel like it, you might choose to wear comfortable, wireless b.r.a.s during br.e.a.st.feeding periods for better support and to avoid soreness. If you are experiencing engorgement (which is a very natural process of milk lea.kage), you may also want to try absorbent nursing pa.ds.

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