Why Doesn’t Wednesday End Up With Xavier?

Why Doesn’t Wednesday End Up With Xavier?

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for the first season of Wednesday.

Despite what the show seemed to set up, Wednesday does not end up with Xavier in Wednesday season 1. Although liking to be alone is one of Wednesday’s defining characteristics in every Addams Family adaptation, Netflix’s Wednesday explores the possibility that she can find happiness in the company of others after all. Wednesday followed its titular character as she formed bonds at Nevermore, from Enid to Eugene. She also appeared to be developing romantic relationships with Tyler and Xavier.

The mystery surrounding the identity of the monster in Wednesday set the tone for the first season, creating an atmosphere in which no character could be trusted. That is why potential couples such as Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) and Tyler (Hunter Doohan) or Wednesday and Xavier (Percy Hynes White) ran the risk of ending in tragedy, as they did. With Tyler revealed to be the monster immediately after kissing Wednesday, it seemed inevitable that she would end up with Xavier by the end of Wednesday season 1.

Wednesday had no romantic feelings for Xavier.

Wednesday season 1 was never focused on any kind of relationship with Xavier. In fact, for the majority of her interactions with him, Wednesday mistook Xavier for Mr. Hyde. Wednesday was never romantically interested in Xavier, and the possibility of the two characters becoming friends Hollywood Nuts became remote once she suspected he was the monster. Xavier clearly cared about Wednesday and tried to remain friends with her after the first accusations, but they had no romantic relationship. Wednesday, on the other hand, entertained the notion of a love triangle involving Wednesday, Tyler, and Xavier.

Despite Tyler’s infamous “mixed signals” conversation, he and Wednesday grew closer, confirming that Wednesday was never romantically involved with Xavier. Unfortunately, Tyler’s interest in Wednesday was revealed to be part of Mrs. Thornhill’s (played by former Wednesday actress Christina Ricci) elaborate scheme to manipulate her. Many people disliked Tyler because of his interactions with Wednesday before he was revealed to be the Hyde. It also contributed to the prediction that Wednesday and Xavier would meet at some point during the first season of Wednesday, which did not occur despite the events of the show’s finale.

Will Wednesday and Xavier become closer in Wednesday Season 2?

In the Wednesday finale, Wednesday took an arrow to the shoulder for Xavier, but the characters were still not romantically involved by the end of the season. Having said that, Xavier handed Wednesday a phone, implying that he wishes to communicate with her during her summer vacation. There is undoubtedly a link between Wednesday and Xavier, one that may develop in Wednesday season 2. That is not to say that Wednesday and Xavier will meet in Wednesday season 2, but rather that the characters may become better friends in the future. However, Wednesday and Xavier becoming a couple in season 2 cannot be ruled out by Hollywood Nuts.

Although Xavier does not necessarily have feelings for Wednesday, he enjoys flirting with her. It appeared that it would take some time for Xavier and Wednesday to rebuild their friendship after she wrongfully arrested him for being the monster, but that was not the case. There wasn’t much of a time difference between Wednesday’s battle against Joseph Crackstone and the last day of Nevermore’s semester, but she and Xavier were already ready to reconnect. It’s unclear whether Wednesday and Xavier will become a couple in Wednesday season 2.

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