Why Uncle Fester Didn’t Join Gomez In Wednesday At Nevermore

Why Uncle Fester Didn’t Join Gomez In Wednesday At Nevermore

This article includes SPOILERS for the first season of Wednesday, so beware!

Wednesday verifies that the eccentric Uncle Fester Addams was never a student, despite the fact that Gomez formerly attended Nevermore Academy. The Addams family has a lengthy and significant history at Nevermore Academy, starting with Goody Addams slaying Joseph Crackstone and founding the Nightshades society in the 17th century, as shown in Wednesday season 1. In the Netflix series Wednesday, who carries on the Addamses’ tradition at Nevermore, learns more about her powerful relatives and forebears who went to the school as marginalised teenagers, including her parents Gomez and Morticia, who were implicated in a 1990 murder. Fester, however, was absent during Morticia and Gomez’s Nevermore adventure.

Fester reveals that he was unable to go Nevermore with his brother Gomez, much as how Pugsley Addams doesn’t go with Wednesday. In Wednesday episode 7, Fester informs his favourite niece that even though he didn’t go to Nevermore, he used to drop in on Gomez on occasion. Uncle Fester read Nathaniel Faulkner’s diaries while spending time with young Gomez and Morticia one evening in the Nightshades Library. Nathaniel Faulkner conducted extensive research on the terrifying Hyde monster. Uncle Fester’s decision not to enrol in Nevermore is surprising given his mastery of his magical ability to create lightning, his extensive knowledge of the school’s past, and his family’s history at the academy.

Uncle Fester might have been too difficult to deal with forever.

Given that Gomez “had all the brains,” Fester Addams speculates that the reason he didn’t attend Nevermore alongside Gomez was that he was too disruptive and didn’t get decent grades. Wednesday’s Uncle Fester is a professional criminal who regularly commits armed robberies, gets arrested for them, and even chose to have many lobotomies, indicating that even as a child he was too disruptive for Nevermore Academy to manage. Over the course of Wednesday season 1, Principal Weems nearly dismissed Wednesday a few times due to her unruly behaviour; nevertheless, Uncle Fester was much more renowned for flouting the rules.

It’s also possible that Uncle Fester was already enrolled at another university at the time Gomez and Uncle Fester were attending Nevermore as teenagers. Fester claims to Wednesday that while on his “vacation” at the Zurich Institute for the Criminally Insane in 1983, he encountered a Hyde. Given that Fester may have been a patient around this period, Nevermore probably wouldn’t have welcomed the character despite his ties to the institution. Gomez Addams’ entrance to Wednesday’s otherworldly Nevermore Academy was reportedly based on his strong academic performance, normal rule-following, and future professional goals as a lawyer and businessman.

Did Fester Stay Away From Nevermore Due To Gomez’s Arrest?

Gomez’s 1990 arrest may be another reason why Fester never attended Nevermore Academy. Gomez was detained while still a student and charged with killing Garrett Gates, who was actually slain by his own vial of nightshade poison. Gomez was able to graduate from Nevermore the year after the accusations against him were dropped, but the incident might have had an effect on the school’s choice to admit his criminally minded sibling Fester. Even though Wednesday Addams was eventually admitted to Nevermore thirty years later, she is less dangerous than Fester due to her stellar academic record.

If Gomez is the younger brother in Netflix’s Addams Family adaption, Fester’s enrollment in school is unlikely to have been altered by Gomez’s arrest. It is uncertain whether Fester is older than Gomez. Wednesday also suggests that Fester may not have wanted to attend Nevermore because he does not do well in formal settings like schools. Even though Wednesday is Fester’s favourite relative, Pugsley appears to have a more agreeable personality than Wednesday, as Wednesday’s brother said he believed he would be the first one put in jail. Pugsley might decide to skip Nevermore if his behaviour turns out to be more problematic and his grades are lower than Wednesday’s main character.

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