WWE News Roundup: Samoan legend to return and confront The Rock and Roman Reigns? Veteran star’s in-ring career might be over, Finn Balor update

Seth Rollins put up his middle finger to Roman and Rock did the finger point wrong.. They didn’t acknowledge Roman Reigns. woW. Just now Samoan legend to return and confront The Rock and Roman Reigns:

With the final pit stop out of the way, all eyes are now on WrestleMania and how WWE showcases its annual event.

The ongoing issues between The Rock and Roman Reigns with Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins are under the spotlight, but a WWE legend has teased potentially getting involved in the thrilling saga. An AEW star also shared thoughts on what could unfold if Cody Rhodes were to defeat both Roman and Rock.

Additionally, a veteran talent opened up about his in-ring future, expressing contentment with his new role and hinting at the possibility of not returning for another match.

A timely update from Finn Balor concludes today’s roundup of stories, which you can view below:

#4. Rikishi teases WWE return

As The Bloodline story once again heats up on the road to WrestleMania 40, the well-known Samoans have reacted to the recent developments. The biggest development has been The Rock joining forces with Roman Reigns to create a new supergroup in WWE.

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins have stepped up to challenge Rock and Roman Reigns, and there are multiple twists expected to unfold on TV before WrestleMania 40, where The American Nightmare will face The Tribal Chief again.

While speaking on his podcast, Rikishi refused to pick sides in the ongoing WWE rivalry and hinted that even Rock and Roman Reigns could be in trouble.

The WWE Hall of Famer warned that he has always played it down the middle and teased a potential scenario where he could confront his fellow family members.

“Now I don’t know which one about to get a stinkface, which one might not, which side I might jump on to, maybe left, maybe right, or maybe I just go down the middle. Because that’s where I’ve always been anyway.” From 30:45 onwards]

Rikishi also opened up about his sons seemingly being on course for a huge match and whether he could be at the mega show before the highly-anticipated showdown.

Given how popular he is and his connection to The Bloodline, fans should certainly expect a Rikishi return soon.

#3. Why Bobby Roode might not return for another match

For many members of the WWE Universe, Bobby Roode’s main story run could have been a lot better. The former NXT Champion stepped away from the ring in June 2022 and, after undoing neck fusion surgery, recently revealed that he’d been given the green signal to wrestle again.

Bobby Roode (real name Robert Roode) appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet and sounded quite happy with his current WWE position. The former TNA star has been working as a producer, and he admitted that having a backstage role in the company was his initial goal when he joined many years ago.

Roode seemingly shut the door on another potential match, saying he had a “good run”:

“But at almost 48 years old, given the opportunity that I’ve been given now to work as a producer, which was my goal coming to WWE almost eight years ago. I’m quite happy doing this. And I feel like I’ve had a good run, as they say, and I’m happy to do what I’m doing now.” [H/T: CVV]

Bobby Roode last stepped inside the ring against Omos nearly two years ago. He is amongst the most experienced performers, and even if not as an active competitor, the 47-year-old is making his presence felt in other ways behind the scenes.

#2. Finn Balor seems okay after an injury scare at Elimination Chamber

With only five matches, WWE’s latest event in Australia had a comparatively small card.

Surprisingly, the WWE Tag Team Championship match was the longest after the men’s and women’s Elimination Chamber showdowns, with Finn Balor and Damian Priest retaining their titles against New Catch Republic.

Balor looked uncomfortable during the match, as many fans and pundits believed he’d injured his thumb. The former WWE Universal Champion is clearly OK, as he posted a thumbs-up emoji, a clever way of updating everyone about his status.

WrestleMania season is the busiest time of the year, and despite an extensive schedule, WWE would want all its superstar to be at their best.

#1. Mark Henry on Cody Rhodes possibly beating both Roman Reigns and The Rock

WrestleMania is shaping up to be the best it has been in years, and at the center of it all is the Anoaʻi Family.

The Rock’s return and quick transition to his Hollywood Heel persona have added excitement to the WrestleMania proceedings. As seen at Elimination Chamber, Cody Rhodes expressed his readiness to face The Rock any time, anywhere, in a singles match, opening up the prospects for the dream clash.

Mark Henry stated on the Busted Open podcast that Cody Rhodes possibly beating Rock on night one of WrestleMania before going on to dethroning Roman Reigns would be the most significant comeuppance anyone has ever had in wrestling.

“If Cody Rhodes has a win over Roman Reigns and a win over The Rock, that is taking everything. What you say is, ‘I wanna take everything from you.’ You beat both men like that’s a level of comeuppance that nobody in wrestling has or ever will get.” [34:49 – 36:24]

Cody Rhodes doing double duty at WrestleMania and taking down the Samoan cousins might seem unlikely, but a singles match down the line against The Great One is still not out of bounds.

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