Zac Efron kisses Alexandra Daddario at the MTV Movie & TV Awards! OMG by HollywoodNuts

Zac Efron kisses Alexandra Daddario at the MTV Movie & TV Awards! OMG by HollywoodNuts

Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario, both known for their roles in the movie “Baywatch,” added fuel to the ongoing romance rumors as they attended the MTV Movie & TV Awards. The pair’s interactions throughout the event hinted at a deeper connection beyond their on-screen collaboration.

Backstage at the awards ceremony, Zac and Alexandra were far from extinguishing the rumors. They appeared cozy and comfortable in each other’s presence, with Zac even planting a kiss on Alexandra, an affectionate moment she couldn’t resist sharing on Instagram.

The photo captured the chemistry between the 29-year-old actor and his 31-year-old co-star, and Alexandra playfully captioned it as “backstage shenanigans” with the hashtags #SummerandBrody and #Baywatch.

The duo, who portray love interests in their upcoming film, also posed arm-in-arm for the official photographer, further fueling speculation about their off-screen relationship. As they walked out on stage together to present an award, their undeniable chemistry was evident for all to see.

Leading up to the event, Alexandra and Zac expressed their excitement about sitting together. The actress shared a snapshot of their designated seating areas, which were conveniently placed next to each other, adding to the anticipation of their joint appearance.

Both Zac and Alexandra sported complementary outfits at the awards show, with Zac opting for an all-white ensemble, including white jeans, a T-shirt, and a denim jacket. Alexandra looked stunning in a black and white chiffon and lace dress, featuring sheer elements at the hem and across her midsection.

As fans eagerly observe their interactions and speculate about the nature of their relationship, Zac and Alexandra continue to captivate attention with their undeniable on-screen chemistry and their appearances together at high-profile events like the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

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