‘Zombie’ Angelina Jolie lookalike shows real face in interview after release from prison

A young Iranian woman, Sahar Tabar, has gained widespread attention on social media after claiming to have undergone 50 surgeries in her quest to resemble her idol, Angelina Jolie. The 19-year-old from Tehran asserts herself as one of the Tomb Raider actress’ biggest fans and expresses a willingness to go to any length to emulate her.

 The Iranian woman has more than 308,000 followers

Belgian website Sud Info reported that Sahar underwent an astonishing 50 surgeries within a few months, although this information has not been officially confirmed. There is speculation that her distinctive appearance may be the result of skillful makeup techniques or even the use of prosthetics.

In addition to the reported surgeries, Sahar is said to have adhered to a strict diet to maintain her weight at 40kg. If she is over 4.8ft tall, this weight would classify her as dangerously underweight.

 Having reportedly had more than 50 surgeries to look more like her idol

Sahar has garnered significant online attention, amassing more than 308,000 followers on Instagram. However, her unconventional transformation has sparked mixed reactions, with many leaving unflattering comments on her pictures. Critics have referred to her as a “zombie,” and some have made sarcastic remarks about her appearance, such as one comment suggesting she asked a doctor to make her look like an “8-month-old corpse.”

 Sahar also has piercings in her cheeks

The viral nature of Sahar Tabar’s story highlights the impact of social media on individuals’ quests for unique and extreme transformations, sparking discussions about the potential risks and consequences associated with such pursuits.

 Pictures show her with both brown and blonde hair

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