A Unique 23-Year old Record by Dwayne Johnson That Roman Reigns May Never Surpass, Even as the Longest Reigning World

A Unique 23-Year-old Record by Dwayne Johnson That Roman Reigns May Never Surpass, Even as the Longest Reigning World

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, had a relatively short but impactful career in WWE, leaving behind numerous records that remain unmatched, including one that his cousin Roman Reigns might never surpass. Despite wrestling for nearly eight years as a full-time WWE wrestler, The Rock established himself as a unique and charismatic performer both on the mic and in the ring.

Recent data reveals that Roman Reigns would have to wrestle significantly more matches in a year to come close to Dwayne Johnson’s record. It’s worth noting that Reigns has already completed a decade in WWE, while The Rock achieved his exceptional record within the first eight years of his career.

Although Roman Reigns has come close to replicating his cousin’s success and is currently positioned as a main eventer, he hasn’t headlined RAW or SmackDown in the same manner as The Rock. According to the Wrestling Data website, The Rock has participated in more main event matches on RAW and SmackDown than Reigns. Given Reigns’ current booking and work schedule, it seems unlikely that he will ever come close to his cousin’s unique record.

During the Attitude Era, particularly in 2000, The Rock enjoyed a remarkable run. He wrestled 38 main event matches on RAW that year, winning 21, losing 12, and drawing in 5 matches. Additionally, he competed in 36 main event matches on SmackDown, winning 16, losing 13, and drawing in 7 matches.

While Roman Reigns also had several main event matches in his early years in WWE, his circumstances have changed significantly since then. In 2015, Reigns wrestled 25 matches on SmackDown, winning 24 and losing only one. Furthermore, in 2016, he had the most main event matches on RAW with 20, recording 11 wins, 6 losses, and 3 draws. However, with his current tenure in WWE and the changes in his schedule, it is unlikely that Reigns will break The Rock’s record.

This stat highlights the notable difference between the two superstars, and it seems that Reigns will be unable to surpass this particular record due to his new schedule in WWE, as addressed by Paul Heyman recently.

Dwayne Johnson and Roman Reigns join an elite club that includes Yokozuna within the legendary Anoa’i family. While the Anoa’i family has produced several talented wrestlers, it took a long time for them to reach the pinnacle of WWE, with Yokozuna eventually winning the WWE Championship. Following the late WWE Hall of Famer, only The Rock and Roman Reigns have achieved multiple title reigns, solidifying their status in the elite club of one of the most famous wrestling families.

The data presented provides insights into the records and achievements of both The Rock and Roman Reigns. It’s an interesting topic for discussion, and fans can share their opinions on these statistics and their thoughts on the two superstars’ careers.

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