After Phase 6, The MCU Needs A Better Spider-Man Trilogy

After Phase 6, The MCU Needs A Better Spider-Man Trilogy

While no MCU phases beyond Phase 6 have been announced, Marvel would benefit from integrating a Superior Spider-Man storyline into the cinematic universe. Spider-Man has always been a beloved character, but he has been rebooted many times with few changes to his overall story arc. There are many renditions of Spider-Man from the comics that have yet to be brought to life on the big screen and the Superior Spider-Man is one that’s ripe for adaptation.

After Peter Parker’s demise in The Amazing Spider-Man, a comic book storyline titled The Superior Spider-Man was published in 2013. In his final moments, he wished that someone else would step up to protect New York as Spider-Man. As Peter Parker expires, his adversary Doc Ock implants his mind in his body, merging the two together. Doc Ock first merely does this to preserve his own existence, but over time, he gradually gains the motivation to become The Superior Spider-Man in order to grant Peter’s final desire. Not only would portraying this narrative in the MCU maintain and solidify the legacy of No Way Home, but it would also be a fantastic way to reinvent a well-known character. Even if it might be a daring move, the popularity of the Superior Spider-Man series means that it would be a great fit within the MCU.

Why The Superior Spider-Man Comic Arc Is So Beloved

Superior Spider-Man lifts a car over his head with his robotic arms in Superior Spider-Man #18
Audiences adored Doc Ock’s character arc of becoming a hero better than the original Spider-Man, who was not just good but also a superior hero overall. Superior Spider-Man received a positive response, unlike other Peter Parker personas like Emo Spider-Man, which failed to connect with audiences. The idea of a double mind is not new to Marvel, as Bruce Banner/Hulk is one well-known example of two personalities at odds with one another, demonstrating how the idea can apply to a different hero.

The main difference is that Doc Ock doesn’t initially realize that Peter is still somewhat “alive” and influencing his choices. Peter’s good heart, combined with Doc Ock’s strength and brutality, plus the pair’s intelligence means that they became unstoppable, taking down various villains such as the Sinister Six. Peter Parker famously holds back his powers to avoid killing people, even villains, but Doc Ock has no such restrictions. This more ruthless version of Spider-Man was a great twist for comic readers, and the dynamic would be equally interesting to watch play out on screen.

How A Superior Spider-Man Arc Could Work In The MCU

Within the MCU, a Superior Spider-Man arc could play well into future stories. A version of Doc Ock has already been introduced into the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Thanks to Peter’s technology, he was able to reverse the effects of the tech that had been influencing Doc Ock brain, already setting him up for an evil-turned-good character arc.

A Superior Spider-Man arc might be the ideal method for Tom Holland to continue playing Spider-Man as he gets older. The good Doc Ock from No Way Home might utilise his cutting-edge technology to combine Peter and his death. Since Doc Ock has already been partially atoned for his sins, less character development would be necessary for him, allowing the MCU to more quickly transition into the Superior Spider-Man storylines. Without giving Spider-Man another another reboot, using the Superior Spider-Man would be a fresh, intriguing way to maintain the character. This makes the plot ideal for the MCU in many ways.

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