Producer’s Tease: Bob Odenkirk to Star in Nobody 2 Filming

Producer’s Tease: Bob Odenkirk to Star in Nobody 2 Filming

Producer Kelly McCormick offered a very encouraging Nobody 2 filming start update after nearly two years of teasing. Hutch Mansell, a middle-aged father who appears to be well-mannered, learns that he was once a government assassin after a home invasion sends him down a perilous path that crosses with a local Russian mob boss in the action-thriller from 2021, which was directed by Bob Odenkirk. Nobody, directed by Hardcore Henry’s Ilya Naishuller and written by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, was a critical and financial success, and many people are looking forward to its sequel.

While speaking with Collider to discuss the Christmas action movie Violent Night, Kelly McCormick was asked about the progress on Nobody 2. The 87North producer teased that filming could start on the Bob Odenkirk-led sequel next year, and was very excited about the progress being made on the project. See what McCormick shared below:

We hope to make it [Nobody 2’s production] next year, so fingers crossed. So our theory is you don’t need to make a good sequel just to make a sequel. We need to make a great sequel. And so it’s about making sure that we get it right. And if we do, I think there’s a lot of hope that we can go next year.

Everything We Know About Nobody 2

Bob Odenkirk as Hutch in Nobody
Similar to John Wick before it, Nobody turned out to be one of the more unexpected action genre blockbusters of 2021, earning over $57 million in contrast to its $15 million production budget, an amount that was thought to be small considering the movie’s COVID-based theatrical release. The possibility of a Nobody 2 was further raised by Odenkirk’s outstanding lead performance and his amazing stunt work, especially in light of the fact that he received a call to return to the action at the end of the first movie. Interestingly, Universal Pictures has yet to publicly announce that Nobody 2 has been approved for release despite the film’s success and the producers continuing to work on it.

No story details have been shared regarding Nobody 2, though everyone involved in the original film have remained very optimistic about what’s to come from the sequel. Given McCormick and producing partner David Leitch’s ties to the John Wick franchise, and Kolstad himself returning to pen the next script, it will be interesting to see if they take Odenkirk’s character in the same direction as Keanu Reeves’ beloved assassin, frequently pulled back into the fray until there’s no longer a way out. Considering Hutch has larger stakes in his life with his family in comparison to Wick, this would prove a fascinating concept to explore through the action-packed lens of the Nobody world.

Kolstad had previously hinted that he would follow a similar structure when scripting Nobody 2, right down to the moment in which Odenkirk’s protagonist is questioned by two befuddled police officers while lighting up a cigarette and feeding a cat that is tucked away in his jacket. One can only hope that this opening scene replica not only helps to expand the universe Kolstad is constructing, but also provides some enormous stakes for Hutch and his family moving into the movie, given McCormick’s hints that the creative team is anxious to make a “great sequel.” The first episode of Nobody is currently available to watch on HBO Max as viewers wait for information on the upcoming sequel.

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