Amid DC Changes, Dwayne Johnson Shares a Disappointing Black Adam 2 Update

Amid DC Changes, Dwayne Johnson Shares a Disappointing Black Adam

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Dwayne Johnson provides a depressing Black Adam update as the DC Universe movie faced with its box office struggles. Since Gunn and Peter Safran are now in charge of the property, the future of the DCU has been uncertain for the past few weeks. Johnson finally received his due this fall after nearly two decades of efforts to bring Black Adam to the big screen, but not with the outcomes he had hoped for. He has been mum about all the ongoing changes at DC Studios for the past few weeks.

Johnson has now spoken out over Black Adam 2 and the future of his franchise. After meeting with the new DC Studios executives, he released a detailed statement on Twitter, announcing that his antihero will not appear in the debut DCU book. The actor does hint that there will be other events to look forward to. Johnson made a statement about Black Adam, and in response, Gunn defended the actor. Below are links to both of their tweets:

How Might Black Adam Reappear in the DC Universe?

Johnson emphasised that Black Adam would disrupt the DCU’s power structure after his release. Johnson had hoped to see Black Adam battle Superman after Henry Cavill reprised his role as the Man of Steel in the post-credits sequence. The Justice Society of America was introduced, and there were thoughts for spinoff projects that might include them. Johnson’s statement about his own DCU future isn’t entirely unexpected, given that Gunn is writing a new Superman movie and that Black Adam’s box office performance appears to have affected all those dreams.

There are certain concerns raised by Gunn and Johnson’s continued interest in using Black Adam in their stories. Although it’s uncertain how much a reboot will change the DCU, it appears to be coming. Many people have speculated that none of the performers involved will continue to portray their particular roles. However, Johnson’s Black Adam might be one of the characters Gunn continues to use in his franchise even if the DC Universe opts for a soft reboot. Although nothing would be lost in a soft relaunch, the continuity might be looser while still using the same cast of people. We will have to wait and watch what Gunn does with DC Studios and its film universe.

How Dwayne Johnson’s Remark About the Multiverse Might Affect Black Adam

Johnson made a point in his statement concerning “future DCU multiverse chapters,” which might be slightly missed. This would suggest that Johnson’s Black Adam cameo in his particular franchise would be more solo if he returned. It might be comparable to how Warner Bros. Discovery is approaching the standalone Batman and Joker universes. DC Studios would be able to diversify the kind of storylines they tell if they had both the core DCU continuity and spinoff properties. Johnson won’t have to start again and may continue portraying Black Adam the way he did this year. After addressing the future in their responses, Johnson and Gunn of Black Adam, only time will tell how the character fits into the DCU in years to come.

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