Shazam is betrayed by Wonder Woman when she sides with the gods.

Shazam is betrayed by Wonder Woman when she sides with the gods.

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Possible SPOILERS for Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods and Wonder Woman #797 are presented here.

In the upcoming months, Wonder Woman will turn against Shazam, her ally, by allying with the immoral gods. DC Comics’ March 2023 solicitations provide additional details on the Lazarus Planet: Issues with the Revenge of the Gods tie-in make Shazam and Wonder Woman’s situation bleak.

The recently revealed Revenge of the Gods tie-in will examine a subplot of the broader, DC-line-wide Lazarus Planet storyline. DC implies a significant betrayal on Wonder Woman’s side in the synopsis for March’s Lazarus Planet: Revenge of the Gods #1 and #2 and Wonder Woman #797. Summary of the Wonder Woman tie-in issue: “Diana’s world has transformed as a result of her unexpected decision to side with the gods. Could being a god be the solution to all of her issues?” As a result, it appears that Shazam and Wonder Girl are left to handle their various issues on their own, without Diana’s assistance—and possibly with her working against them.

As set up in the Batman vs. Robin miniseries, an explosion of the Lazarus waters will have a significant impact on heroes (and villains) in the broader Lazarus Planet event. Some characters’ abilities will be improved or adjusted, while others will be given newfound abilities. The event is set to be huge, featuring a number of surprising alliances from all throughout the DC Universe. One such collaboration is between Wonder Woman (and Wonder Girl) and Shazam; given the recently discovered facts regarding Diana’s new alignment, it is likely that this will involve the cunning Greek gods. Wonder Woman has frequently engaged in combat with the gods; at the moment, her mother Hippolyta is one of them.

What Does Diana’s Betraying Mean for the Status Quo of Wonder Woman?

It’s not surprising that Wonder Woman would decide to stand up for her Amazonian sisters, but it’s intriguing to learn that she would have to cooperate with cunning gods in order to do so, especially if it means losing Shazam as an ally. Although readers can only surmise based on the solicitation information, this potential betrayal raises the issue of permanence. Will Wonder Woman be working against Earth’s heroes if she takes the gods’ side? What does this imply for Wonder Woman’s future as a champion and hero? Is the treachery ongoing, at least temporarily?

Hopefully, the answers to these queries will be revealed during Lazarus Planet’s events and its companion mini-crossover, Revenge of the Gods. Even if Wonder Woman genuinely does turn on Shazam and the other heroes, a darker, more morally nuanced turn for the legendary figure may be an intriguing change from her current course—similar to her fight with Batman and Superman before Infinite Crisis. Whatever happens, the DC Universe—including Wonder Woman and the Amazons—will undoubtedly descend into chaos as a result of Lazarus Planet.

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